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Piriapolis is a small beach town between Montevideo and Punta del Este in Uruguay. It is a more laid back version of Punta del Este with fewer fancy restaurants and clubs.

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Piriapolis Beach

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About Piriapolis


  • Piriapolis, like Punta del Este, is a beach resort and active between December and March. Crowds and prices drop dramatically in the low season. If you do not care for the beach there is still plenty to see. The first order of business is to go to the top of "San Antonio", the city's main hill. Pick a clear day and you can see the condos of Punta del Este 30 miles away. Stay until sunset and enjoy the chapel , the views and the souvenirs shop. How do you get to the top? By taxi, a long walk, or better yet, take the sillitas ("little chairs") at the marina.
  • Another hill, not so prominent but a nice day walk nonetheless, is "Cerro del Toro" (Bull's Hill). It is on the outskirts but still less than 3 miles from the coast to the top. This is mostly a picnic area but a must of local custom. Do not forget to take a picture at the bull's statute, as this will almost certify you as a true local.
  • Piriapolis was developed by Mr. Francisco Piria (hence the name) and you probably guess that the best house in Piriapolis belongs to the founder. Well, it does. It is called Castillo de Piria (Piria's Castle), whether you look at it as a big house or a small castle, it is still a must-see. Ninety nine percent of the locals have probably never set foot in it but this is a local historical gem, so take route 37 north (the road on the left of the casino) for about 4 miles and it is situated on the right. Please check with the tourist office (next to the casino/hotel)for opening times and available guided tours.
  • Another 1 mile north on the same route, there is a natural reserve of native and rare South America fauna. You do not want to miss this, so dedicate a full day for it .
  • If you visited the Castle and the Preserve you (hopefully) noticed the Cerro Pan de Azucar (Sugar Bread Hill) a massive granite formation with a large cross on top of it. The cross has a spiral stairwell in it that you can climb, but first you have to get to the top of the hill. The walk to the top is through a poorly marked trail and takes about 2 hours each way. It is not Mount Everest but is is a good idea to take some water, rain gear and suitable shoes/boots. Check with the Preserve guards for access times and other conditions.
  • After these five classic tours you still have to eat and drink. Try the brick oven pizza, chivitos (thinly sliced meat sandwiches) and local beer available at any of the seaside restaurants. You can try your luck at the casino or just stay up all night at one of the local discos. By the way, the discos open at around 11 pm but nobody would dream of showing up that early - 1 am would be just about right. If you are not the disco type, just prepare some mate and walk around town and enjoy the crowds and the South Atlantic breeze.
  • Take the cable car to the top of san antonio hill(the old name was hill of the english)...wow what views.


  • Iguanas next to Mcdonalds by the Hotel Argentino is serving all kinds of international foods including thai and Mex etc . Has great coffee too. A MUST
  • If you are staying at one of the local hotels that offer breakfast, then expect a relatively simple continental menu with good coffee and better pastries. Do not expect American style menus anywhere for breakfast, except at the large hotels, nor ask for scrambled eggs - anytime!
  • If your hotel does not have a restaurant, any of the local bars will do. Please note that a bar in South America is where you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • A cortado (cut) is coffee with milk, and a medialuna (crescent) is a large croissant with the optional ham and cheese.
  • For lunch and dinner, all restaurants are bars but not all bars are restaurants. Restaurants have a much more extensive menu than bars. Look for open fires and brick ovens because that means barbeque and brick oven pizza! The menus are a good mixture of Italian food and local continental recipes. Do not expect any Caribbean menus - think more Paris than Habana. Forget Chinese, Mexican or other food types unless you are prepared to drive and pay.
  • Italian customs apply: please do not ask for coffee before the meal or ketchup for your meat. French fries are just that, fried potatoes. They do not care about cholesterol and they take fresh potatoes and fry them in regular oil. Pasta factories do not serve cooked pasta, these are your local "Boulangeries".
  • Themis restaurant offers a range of cocktails and a much more exciting menu than the others and well priced too, the owners are Simon (Bar) and Silvana (chef) they are very friendly and helpful. It is past the hotel Argentina under the red apartment block.(recommended)RE-OPENED AS IGUANAS
  • Seafood is usually good if eaten on the coastal restaurants or posts, most of them at the marina area. Take and allow plenty of time for meals. People usually ask "how do I know what the menu means?" There is no faster way of learning a language than to just point to something and next time you'll know.
  • The Argentino Hotel and Casino has a restaurant and a menu to satisfy all tastes and budgets if you need to, while most of the local restaurants and bars will do just fine. There are a couple of ice cream stores worth trying for their own recipes, as well as the local atmosphere.
  • While alcohol is served anywhere, there is a time and a place for everything and drinking outside eating areas or before lunch is considered much more rude than illegal.
  • The local dish would be rice and mussels with white local wine. The waiter will let you know if it is possible to prepare the dish that day since the mussels must be fresh but sometimes they cannot be picked up because of the wrong tide. Trust him. Again, the marina area posts will offer the same dish in true local fashion.
  • Desserts go from the simple native dulce de leche (caramel cream) to the French exotics; let your eyes decide!


  • Themis Bistro. They have great cocktails, meals and snacks, also live music. If they have the ingredients they will make the drink.
  • Themis Bistro is no more :( They now sell food to take away but they do have a few tables still for coffee and cakes. (Best coffee in town I think)
  • "Iguanas" is the new Themis. Silvana is still chef and coffee is the same.

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