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Iquique is in the Northern Chile. City home to the duty free zone called "Zofri" and a growing number of high rise resort hotels along its beaches. Slightly more expensive and polluted than neighboring population centers, such as Arica, but a convenient place to stock up on duty free perfumes and laptop computers.

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Points of Interest in Iquique

  • Baquedano Street is a cobbled, old-Western style street with plentiful tourist and artisan activities. Buildings around constructed during the 19th century offer interesting architecture mainly in Georgian and Victorian Styles adapted to the coastal desertic climate.
  • Historic sites can be found along the city and nearby the coast and desert, most of them related to the Pacific War against the coalition of Perú and Bolivia during the 19th century and with the massacre by the government against miner workforce demanding social and economical rights, known as "the Santa Maria School massacre".
  • Iquique's 19th century architecture can be visited mainly downtown. Its origins are linked with the mining activities during that century, when European entrepreneurs became rich with the extraction of saltpetre and established their homes in the city. Many of them constructed big houses in different styles that predominated during the period and grouped in colonies with their respective buildings, with special stylistic, material and constructive adaptations to the climate of Iquique. The most emblematic house is The Astoreca Palace, that actually belongs to Arturo Prat University as an extension centre. Other important examples are The Spanish Casino, The Croatian Casino, The Chinese Club and The Municipal Theatre, one of the most important nationwide.

Cavancha Beach

Iquique Municipal Theater

Teatro Municipal

Plaza Prat

Iquique Naval Museum

Casino de Iquique

Museo Regional

Corbeta Esmeralda Museum

Brava Beach

Astoreca Palace

Iquique Cathedral

Arturo Prat Chacon


Mercado Centanario

Tierra de Campeones Stadium

Santuario de la Tirana

Hospital Regional de Iquique

Cerro Pintados

Reserva Nacional Pampa del Tamarugal

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About Iquique


Visiting beaches is a must. Iquique is known for its good weather and beaches (playas) with "Playa Cavancha" being the largest. Be careful not all them are apt for swimming, submarine tides are dangerous in some places, as for example "Playa Brava" or "Playa Huayquique". There is also good surfing in town.


Iquique's Chinese inmigrants that arrived during the 19th century as slaves to work in saltpetre extraction, have had a distinct influence on the local food. The area around the mercado is Iquique's Chinatown. You'll find a large number of Peruvian influenced "Chifa" restaurants here, all pretty expensive. The smaller restaurants between them are cheaper, and serve sandwiches and burgers for Ch$800 and up. McDonald's, Domino's, KFC, and other fast food chains can be found in malls.

For dessert you can try the chumbeque invented by Chinese descendants. It's prepared with layers of fried thin dough filled with different fruity caramels. Nearby towns in Iquique specially Pica and Matilla offer a variety of fruits and desserts made with them, the best known are the alfajores.

  • El Wagon, Thompson 85, +56 57 411647. Outstanding and generous seafood. A bit more expensive than other places but it's worth it.
  • Pizzeria Al filo D'Oro, O'Higgins 964, +56 57 42 04 18. Thick crust pizzas for Ch$ 5000 and up. Pleasant spot with outdoor seating.
  • Neptuno, cavancha's peninsula. Is a market with marine food.


Pisco Sour prepared with lemons from "Pica" is the local speciality.


  • The duty-free zone, Zofri, is located in the north of town. The shopping experience is somewhat set back by the fog of aerosol perfumes being sniffed and tested by snazzy dressed Chileans, but electronics are slightly cheaper than outside its fences. Memory cards are good deals, also alcoholic beverages (compared to the rest of the country). There is a maximum per person purchase limit of US$ 1000, although you better check this before making any larger purchases.

In the center of the city you can find many shops for buy clothes, toys and every kind of stuff.

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