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Teresina is the capital of the State of Piaui, Brazil. It is a hot, sleepy, and unpretentious town. It is not a coastal city and it has a small-town feeling. The city sits between the Parnaíba and Poti rivers. It is one of the hottest cities in Brazil, and is also an important center for hospitals and other health-related institutions. Formerly called Nova Vila do Poti, Teresina replaced Oeiras as capital of Piauí in 1852. The city was named after the Brazilian Emperor's wife.

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Points of Interest in Teresina

  • Benedict the Moore Church (Igreja São Benedito).
  •    João Isidoro França Sesquicentennial Cable Suspension Bridge (lookout tower), Av. Raul Lopes (access road - lookout is on Av. Rio Poti), Bairro Fátima,  (86) 3215-7472. The 312 foot lookout tower in the middle of the bridge is accessible by elevator with 360 degree views of the city and natural surroundings beyond.
  •    O Encontro das Aguas, Rua Des. Flávio Furtado, 1421-1589 - Olarias. 'The river Poti flows into the river Parnaíba on its way to the Atlantic, 8 km north of the center. In the dry season their colour difference is very distinct, and they continue flowing side by side, even when merged into one body. There is a floating restaurant, a monument over local fishermen´s legend and boat trips are offered for R$ 3. The meeting is easily accessible from the city at Av. Boa Esperança.
  • Museu Histórico do Piauí, Praça Marechal Deodoro da Fonseca , S/N, Centro,  (86) 3221-6027. Tuesday to Friday from 8 to 11AM and 3 to 6PM, and on Saturday and Sunday from 8AM to noon. This state museum is divided into a series of exhibition rooms devoted to the history of the state; religious art; popular art; archaeology; fauna, flora and minerals; and an eclectic assortment of antique radios, projectors and other ancient wonders. Hidden in the corner of one room is a pathetic cabinet containing a flag, kerchief and some scribbled notes from comunistas, a flexible term used here to describe a group of independent thinkers, who were wiped out by the government in 1937. Admission is free.
  • Parque Zoobotânico do Piauí, Rodovia PI 112, KM 5,  (86) 3216-2060, fax: (86) 222-1415. The botanical park is on the road going north from Teresina towards União. The zoo part of the park is fifty years behind the West with bored unhappy animals (including a blind lion) in cages and insects on pins. Happily the armadillos (tatu) are not in cages and are free to wander around the park with the visitors. Don’t swim in the lake – it is full of caimans (jacaré). The main attraction of the park is the collection of local flora.
  • Parque Potycabana. Potycabana Park is Teresina’s water wonder-world, situated in front of Teresina Shopping. Closed for renovation (March 2009)
  • Mercado Troca-Troca ("barter"). This a place to exchange your kitchen sink for an old bicycle rather than buy a memento of Brazil. The market started under the vast fig tree that now stands behind the permanent roofing, on the banks of the River Parnaíba. It is fun for those who like a good rummage; the more refined may wish to give it a miss.
  • Catedral de Nossa Senhora do Amparo
  • Palácio de Karnak. This Greco-Roman structure once functioned as the governor's residence and contained valuable works of art and antiques. In the late '80s, the outgoing governor made a quick exit, together with many of the valuable contents.

Sao Benedito Church

Palacio Karnak

Alberto Silva Stadium

Teresina Mall

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About Teresina


  •    Alberto Silva Stadium (Located at the corner of Avenida Industrial Gil Martins and Rua Motorista Joça.). The Albertão Stadium (aka Estádio Governador Alberto Tavares Silva) is the place to watch local football/soccer matches. The stadium has capacity for 60,000 people.


  • February - Carnaval.
  • June-November. River Beaches. The rivers levels fall between June and November exposing large sand banks known as the “crowns of the rivers”. These are turned into popular river “beaches” complete with life-guards and vendors selling fried fish straight out of the rivers.
  • June 29 - Procissão de São Pedro. A penitential procession of boats on the river Parnaíba.
  • July - Teresina hosts the three-day Micarana festival, attracting top artists and visitors from all over Brazil - and no foreigners.
  • November - Salão Internacional de Humor. The city is given over to cartoons and charicatures, attracting participants from Brazil and abroad.


  • Celso's. Piauíese specialities. Rua Angélica 1059, Fátima
  • Panela de Barro, Av. Pedro Freitas 1965
  • Camarão do Elias. Seafood, especially crabs. Av. Pedro Almeida 457
  • O Pesqueirinho. Rua Domingos Jorge Velho 6889 (by the river)


Cajuína is a sweet soft drink made from the cashew fruit, which link with Teresina was immortalized in the Caetano Veloso song "Cajuína"

The local cachaça brand is Mangueira.

Most nighlife is in the vicinity of Shopping Riverside. A few clubs along Avenida Nossa Senhora da Fátima

  • Pirilanches, Rua das Tulipas, Fatima. Live music in weekends Large beer R$ 3,40, cover charge R$ 3.


  •    Central de Artesanato Mestre Dezinho, Praça Pedro II, Centro,  (86) 3232-0245, e-mail: prodartpi@yahoo.com.br. This is an outlet for artisan products from all over the state. Items on sale include: leather articles; furniture; lacework; hammocks; opals and soapstone (from Pedro II); and liqueurs and confectionery made from genipapo, caju and maracujá. The building housing the arts and crafts center was the Military Police headquarters during the era of the military dictatorship and some of the small cells can be found and accessed below the shops.
  • Teresina Shopping, Av. Raul Lopes, 1000, Noivos,  (86) 3230-2000.
  • Riverside Walk Shopping, Av. Raul Lopes,  (86) 3230-2030.
  • Shopping da Cidade, Av. Maranhão (Near the Troca-Troca (barter market)).
  • Shopping Natureza, Avenida Marechal Castelo Branco S/N e Avenida Raul Lopes S/N,  (86) 8828-7804.

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