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Posadas is a pleasant, small, accessible city in Misiones province in the Mesopotamia region of Argentina. It makes a nice break on the long ride between Iguaçu Falls and Buenos Aires.

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Points of Interest in Posadas

Parque República del Paraguay, La Bajada Vieja, Botanic Garden, La Costanera riverwalk, Palacio del Mate, Anfiteatro Manuel Antonio Ramírez, and the local museums.

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About Posadas


There is a lovely walk along the river which can even be romantic in the evening. Depending on weather conditions it is possible to see the glittering lights of Encarnacion in Paraguay then. Don't forget to enjoy the Maté, Argentina's popular beverage. Although the first taste will be an unusual flavor for newcomers, it is a haunting taste that beckons you back time and time again.

Same day Paraguay Visa

The Paraguay Consulate in Posadas, Argentina is in a small, orange, old colonial house a couple of blocks from the town center at 179 San Lorenzo Street(the street numbers were changed but the locals still prefer the old numbers - the new number is on the 1500 block) between Santa Fe and Sarmiento streets. There is no sign on the building just a Paraguay flag(red, white, and blue broad stripes) hanging in front with the old street address number 179. I entered the air-conditioned consulate on a Monday morning and there were just a few people inside and I didn´t wait more than a minute, not like the chaos at the consulate in Buenos Aires. The requirements for American citizens are to get 3 photocopies for each of the following: 1. Passport Info Page 2. Argentina Entry Stamp(in Passport) 3. A credit card(only front side) 4. Roundtrip Transport (it appears you can´t just buy a bus ticket to Encanacion from Posadas - in the unlikely event they do require proof of onward travel you could book a tour to the Jesuit Ruins just 30k inside Paraguay from one of numerous travel agents in Posadas)

In addition to the above you need to give them 3 passport photos which you can get along with the photocopies at a shop right next door for US$4.

A single entry visa cost US$65 and a multiple entry visa costs US$100 in cash only and they provide change.

You then fill out a simple one page personal info form(if you make a mistake and cross anything out like I did you will have to fill out a new form) After about an hour he will ask for your right thumb print on three pages which you will also sign.

Even though there was a Yellow fever outbreak in Paraguay there were no requirements or even notification. I got a free yellow fever shot at the hospital two blocks from the bus station in Encarnación, after I crossed the river into Paraguay.

Whole process can take around 2 hours. Frequent(every 10 minutes) and crowded local Bus is clearly marked ¨Argentina - Paraguay¨ in front) for 6 Argentine pesos just a couple blocks south of the town center to Encarnacion, Paraguay.


Along the city's riverwalk, populary known as "La Costanera", there are plenty of great restaurants like Doña Chola, La Ruedita, Barlovento, just to name a few. Most of these restaurants have a wonderful view of the Parana river.


The most popular bars in the city are: Bocatto, Español, Bahia, Vittragge, Mentecato, Status and Barlovento.

  • Al-Arak. This restaurant has two locations: one on the "Costanera" and the other in the city center. The location in la Costanera has Arabic and Mexican cuisine, while the one in the center has only Arabic food. On Christmas Eve 2009, with all the restaurants closed, the owner and his family invited my girlfriend and I to free lomo with mushrooms, chicken, quilmes and champagne. The food was delicious and I recommend it to anyone passing through Posadas.


Beautiful artesanal objects handmade by the Guarani Indians. You can find them at Plaza 9 de Julio in downtown Posadas.

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