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Foz do Iguaçu is a major city in the state of Paraná, Brazil. It is a gateway to both Paraguay and Argentina, and home of the famous Iguaçu Falls. Together with the cities of Ciudad del Este (Paraguay) and Puerto Iguazu (Argentina), it forms part of one the largest cultural tourism poles in South America.

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Points of Interest in Iguazu

  • Iguaçu Falls (Cataratas do Iguaçu) (accessible with Aeroporto/Parque Nacional bus from Local Bus Terminal). One of the most famous attractions in Brazil, the falls on the Iguaçu River have a flow capacity equal to three times that of Niagara Falls. The falls are shared between Brazil and Argentina, and each side has its own network of trails and viewpoints. The National Park on the Brazilian side runs a shuttle bus between the Visitors' Centre, the falls, and numerous outdoor tour operators, including boat rides run by Macuco Safari out to the bottom of the falls.
  • Parque das Aves (Birds Park) is very close to the entrance of the falls, you can take a self-guided tour of the park to come in close contact with all different types of exotic birds. There may also be chances to hold and take pictures with the birds. The Birds Park is considered an ecological sanctuary. It is located near the Iguaçu National Park in a 16-hectare area of native woods. A paved trail leads visitors to the enormous aviaries that blend in with the forest and allow you to know approximately 900 birds from 180 species. The Park also has a butterfly section with 25 species and a reptile section as well. All of these animals can be seen from a distance of only a few meters. The Park also has a parking lot, a souvenir shop and a snack bar. It is open daily – including holidays – from 8:30AM to 5:30PM, from March 2013 08:30AM to 5:00PM, in the summer. R$28.
  • Itaipu Dam. The Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant is the largest electric power generator in the world and was considered to be one of the seven wonders of the modern world by the American Society of Civil Engineering. It can only be visited on various tours. Take a bus R$2.85 from the Local Bus Terminal to get there. Booking in advance is recommended for special tour and/or on weekends/public holidays. R$12 - R$60 (depending on tour type and discounts).
  • Three Borders Landmark. The place where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet. Each side has its own Marco (landmark). Have a look at Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, all in the same glimpse of the eye while there are cargo freighters making their way slowly along the water. Free.

Iguazu National Park

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Casino

Guira Oga

Orchid Lawns


Punto Iguazu Shopping Mall

Hummingbird Garden

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About Iguazu


Foz do Iguaçu is so named because it sits at the mouth of the Iguaçu river, discharging into Paraná river, where lies the frontier among Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The word Iguaçu means "large water", in Tupi-Guarani etymology.


  • Salto do Macuco (Tinamou Drop) (Macuco Safári). On this tour, the visitor takes trails in an open, electric vehicle, accompanied by trilingual guides over three kilometers of jungle. The vehicle stops at the beginning of a 600m trail that leads to the Salto do Macuco – with its crystal clear waters that fall from a height of 20m over rocks, forming a tiny lake. Those who do not want to descend on foot can take the same electric car to where they embark on the inflatable boat. It is an exciting adventure as the boat navigates over a canyon’s waters and gets very near the huge Garganta do Diabo falls and then receives the “wet blessing” from the Three Musketeers Falls. To get there take the Cataratas Highway to km 23, already inside the Iguaçu National Park. A hint: if you don’t want to get soaked, take a raincoat.
  • Helicopter Tour. 9am-5pm. This 10-minute tour provides a beautiful aerial view of Iguaçu National Park. It is the best way to understand the real dimensions of the Falls. Another option is to fly over the Itaipu Hydroelectric Plant. For the flight over the Iguacu falls, you need a minimum of 3 people (the helicopter can take 4 people + the pilot), but you can wait around and will usually find another group of one or two people. R$180.
  • Poço Preto (Black Well). This excursion is made in a special vehicle – over a rustic 18 km trail - through the exuberant vegetation of the National Park. It lasts up to 5 hours. Specialized guides accompany the visitors who can photograph or watch birds. It is located on km 18 of BR 469 – the Cataratas Highway.


  • Boi Na Brasa, Av. Juscelino Kubitscheck (close to Fouad Center New Time),  (45) 3523 5858. Buffet with grilled meat. From R$8.
  • Bufalo Branco. The best churrascaria in town. Problaby also the most expensive. R$48.
  • Martignoni Pizza Parlor, Av. Paraná 3535 (downtown),  (+55) 45-522 2706. Tu-Su 7pm-12pm. Pizza de rodizio: the waiters bring around a selection of meats, pastas, and (the main attraction) pizza. A nice atmosphere with an excellent variety of pizzas, including some with fruit, chocolate, and ice cream. But before dessert, try the catupiry and the tomate seco (dried tomato). R13.50.
  • La Bella Pizza, Rua Xavier da Silva 648,  +55 (45) 3574-2285. 17:00-late. All you can eat pizza and pasta, 40 different types including chocolate and banana pizza. $R 12-15.


  • Ciudad del Este (The most common way to arrive is through Ponte da Amizade (Friendship Bridge) which connects Ciudad del Este in Paraguay and Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil). The main shopping streets are Av. San Blas and Camilo Recalde, where you can buy about anything and everything. Many people come for electronics.

Warning: If you want to buy electronics on Paraguay such as cellphones or cameras, the procedure shall be as follows: Ask to test the device, if it works DO NOT give it back to the shopkeeper/assistant as some of them exchange them with faulty versions or hand the box back filled with paper or other stuff but certainly not with what you just bought. Some stores do that by themselves. Be also aware of fake products.

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