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Koror, population 10,000, is the largest city in Palau. Koror was also the capital until 2006, but the hamlet of Melekeok, some 20 km away, now has that honor.

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Points of Interest in Koror

  • Palau International Coral Reef Center 680.488.6950, e-mail: picrc@picrc.org. A small aquarium with a handful of open air habitat exhibits and a single room of aquariums with various local aquatic life. Some saltwater crocodiles can be seen in a cage just outside the main entrance. The entire place is easily seen in 30-60 minutes. Admission is $7 for adults.

Asahi Stadium

Palau Pacific Resort Beach

Rock Islands

Jellyfish Lake

National Stadium

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About Koror


  • Diving in the state of Koror is one of the most spectacular experiences to go through.
  • Dolphins Pacific, the world's largest dolphin research facility, is open for tourists who are interested in swimming and interacting with trained dolphins.


Places to go for Palauan food in Koror:

  • Yano's Market. Try the Beef steamed in Titiml leaves (a local plant that is often confused with Basil), Clams cooked in Coconut, local Kangkun vegetables stir fried with onions and garlic.
  • Penthouse. Try the fruitbat cooked in coconut if you are adventurous. Otherwise, the creamy taro leaf soup with coconut, local fish soup (which you can also have for breakfast with fried garlic rice), mangrove crabs in spicy sauce, grilled prawns and baked lobster with garlic butter are all must tries. This restaurant also has an excellent in-house bakery.

International Fare:

  • The Rock Island Cafe, located on the south end of the main strip in Koror (past the court house) is an excellent home town cafe-style eatery. Their portions are large and their prices are reasonable (the bread sticks are a personal favorite). Do note that the Rock Island Cafe is run by Seventh-Day Adventist, so it is closed Friday 6pm to Saturday 6pm.
  • Taj, found in the center of the main strip, right across from the jail, is a popular Indian eatery. The menu options and prices trend upscale, but the atmosphere is laid back, including outdoor patio seating, and many diners come dressed in very casual attire befitting Koror's tropical climate.
  • Drop Off Bar & Grill, located well south of the main strip near Neco Marine and the Palau Royal Resort, is a casual outdoor restaurant on the water offering up seafood and other pub fare. Though the bar area and its couple of TVs have a roof overhead, some of the seating is pretty exposed, so check the weather before heading here for dinner. As it is located next to one of the dive centers it is popular with divers and tends to be fairly busy in the afternoon when all the dive boats come back.
  • Bottom Time Bar & Grill is off the beaten path and located inside Sam's dive center. It is a very casual place with typical pub fare and views of the water. Given its location at the dive center, it gets crowded and loud in the late afternoon when the dive boats return.


  • SLC. A locals bar where foreigners are warmly welcomed. With a patio perched on the edge of one of the rock islands and live bands most weekends, its a good place to spend a Friday or Saturday evening. Located on the outskirts of Koror, you'll need a cab which shouldn't set you back more then $10 to get from and to central Koror or PPR.


Palauan Storyboards

There are a number of stores in Koror to purchase traditional Palauan storyboards, but the best shopping spot is the jail, which sells storyboards made by the prisoners. The proceeds go to the prisoners' families to help support them while they are in jail. The jail has by far the largest selection of story boards in Koror, but it is also the most expensive place to purchase them. Helpfully, the jail puts a color coded sticker on each storyboard and offers visitors laminated sheets describing the story associated with each color. The jail is in the center of Koror, set back off the main street on the east side. The jail accepts cash only. Note: Importing anything made by prison labour is illegal in the USA and possibly other countries.

Another non-traditional location that has a vast selection of storyboards is The Rock Island Cafe. They are displayed around the restaurant, simply ask at the counter for pricing and selection. Some of the larger resorts have a small selection of storyboards in their gift shops. Locals can also point you to some out-of-the-way storyboard shops that you'd never find on your own. These hidden shops tend to have the lowest prices, but also usually have a small selection.

A small storyboard at an inexpensive store will start around $100. The largest storyboards at the jail, which may be several feet across and elaborately carved into the shape of an animal, can run several thousand dollars. Many of the places that sell storyboards can assist you with shipping them back home. Major shipping companies and even the USPS all service Palau.

General Shopping

There are small shops and markets located throughout Main Street in downtown Koror. The two largest shopping centers are the WCTC Shopping Center and Surangel's Supercenter, which are located right across the street from one another in the center of town. Each has a grocery store and department store, and the WCTC has some additional shops including an Athlete's Foot. Surangel's has the best selection of sunblock in town.


Palau uses the US Dollar as its official currency, and credit cards are accepted at most, though not all, shops and restaurants. The Bank of Guam and the Bank of Hawaii both have an ATM on Main Street in central Koror. As of early 2012 there are no surcharges for using these ATMs, though they do limit you to a maximum withdrawal of $200 per day.

This article is based on Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike 3.0 Licensed text from the article Koror on Wikivoyage.