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Arrowtown is in a village in the Queenstown-Lakes region of the South Island.

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Points of Interest in Arrowtown

  • Lakes District Museum, 49 Buckingham St,  +64 3 442 1824. 8:30am-5pm daily. The museum is also the town's major Information Centre. It is the focal point for all that is the history of the town and the surrounding areas
  • Chinese gold mining huts - historic and informative, short walk from the west end of Buckingham Street.

Millbrook Resort Golf Course


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About Arrowtown


Arrowtown is believed to have been founded in 1862, when a rush to the district followed a rich gold strike by a prospector, William Fox. It is said that within a few weeks the first parties had taken 200 lb of gold out of the Arrow Gorge.

The mining settlement became known as Fox's, but soon afterwards was changed to Arrowtown after the nearby river (named the Arrow because its point of junction with Bush Creek resembled the outline of an arrowhead). With the exhaustion of gold the settlement declined. Arrowtown was constituted a borough in 1867. Its population dwindled to 171 in 1961, but has since climbed back up following the growth of tourism in the region.


  • Walking tracks - Tobin's Track, Big Hill, Sawpit Gully to name a few.
  • Trip into Macetown (old mining village, scattered remains left) - Mountain bike, trail bike or 4WD into Macetown. Many river crossings. Stunning scenery.
  • Try your hand at goldpanning - pans are available for hire or purchase from the Museum.
  • Fishing in the Arrow River


Arrowtown has some great eating places nestled on and just of its historic main street. The two best known are the bakery, which is famous for its gourmet pies, and Saffron, one of the best restaurants in the region.

  • Arrowtown Bakery, 1 Buckingham St. Fantastic pies and other assorted baked goods
  • Pesto. Saffron's younger family friendly sibling - Italian, pizza, pasta
  • Postmasters. Fine dining
  • Patagonia Chocolates. Boutique chocolate producers
  • Saffron, 18 Buckingham St,  +64 3 442 0131. One of the most serious fine food restaurants in the Queenstown region, it shows off some of the best the South Island has to offer on a plate, with some unique Asian influences. Named in Conde Nast Traveler's list of the 100 Best Tables in the World (2001). There is also a well known cookbook featuring a number of the restaurant's dishes.


  • The Tap.
  • New Orleans Hotel, 27 Buckingham St. Established in 1866, the original country pub.
  • Blue Door, alley alongside Pesto and Saffron. Part of the Saffron/Pesto family.


Arrowtown features a number of small antique and craft stores to explore.

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