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Mérida the capital of Merida State, is located in Venezuela, at the foot of the Andes, only fifteen kilometers from Venezuela's highest point. It is the centre for outdoor activities in Venezuela.

8.595821 -71.152762
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Points of Interest in Merida

There are several small Andean towns in the region which are quite scenic and easy to visit, such as Jají, Mucuchies, Apartaderos, and Santo Domingo.

Merida Cathedral

Plaza Bolivar

Pico Bolivar

Pico Espejo

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About Merida


  • The Teleférico is the city's main attraction. It's the worlds longest and highest cablecar. For a mere Bs.55,000 (25 US$) it will lead you to Pico Espejo (4765m) with two stops on the way. It's best to pick a clear day and go in the morning as early as possible to avoid queues. Many travellers go up on the teleferico, and then descent via mules, hiking and SUVs. This means that during the busy season, upward tickets may be sold out days in advance, but this can be circumvented by reversing the trip. Typically, locals in SUVs will wait in the morning near the base of the teleferico to drive tourists up to Los Nevados for $15US, where mules can be hired for the final ascent. The top is usually covered in clouds later in the day. Take warm clothes. Be warned that the cable car is frequently closed for maintenance. It stops running in early afternoons. Note: As of August 2009 this has been closed for over 12 months. (Mid June 12:45, 18 June 2010 (EDT)12:45, 18 June 2010 (EDT)~~J2010: still closed, mid-October 2010: still closed, 1 sept 2011, closed, but modernizing work has started) It will be opening by the end of 2012
  • Climb the Pico Bolivar or Pico Humboldt, for serious mountaineers, these can be organised through tour agents (see below). A local guide who speaks a little bit of French is José Betancourt [1]. Remember too that the altitude differential between Merida and the top of the teleferico is huge and that an attempt to climb Pico Bolivar or Pico Humboldt should wait for the next day, least you experience mountain sickness.
  • Adventure activities are offered by several tour agents. Mountain-biking, paragliding, white-water rafting and canyoning are all available in Merida. Four tour agents are Arassari Trek, Calle 24 No 8-301, 0274-252-5879 [2] Jakera, Calle 24 no 8-205 0 274 2529577 [3] and Gravity Tours [4]. Abadia Tours Travel & Destinations, Av 3 entre calles 17 y 18, 0274-2513115, [5]
  • Spanish Language Schools. Merida is a good location to learn Spanish. Jakera has a few programs [6] [7]. VENUSA College in Merida caters to North American university students and Venezuelan EFL students. [8]


  • Panaderia Roma 0274 2529095. Calle 24 No 8-68. Bread, pasteries and coffee. Popular spot for breakfast. Cafe con leche costs Bs 3.500 and a pastry around Bs 3.000
  • La Montaña Calle 24 6-47. Excellent meals for a reasonable price. Try the chicken in orange sauce and the lemon pie. A main course costs around Bs 10.000.
  • Delicias Mexicanas Calle 25 7-48. To satisfy your cravings for Mexican food.
  • Heladeria Coromoto Avenida 3 28-75. Has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records for being the icecream parlour with the most flavours. It has around 800 flavours including hamburger or rice flavoured ice cream. But on any given day it only serves around 100 different flavours.
  • La Abadia, Av. 3 between calles 17 and 18, [9] is a restaurant/cafe/cybercafe with excellent fresh fruit drinks, trout dishes and coffees/desserts. Abadia Tours Travel & Destinations: llanos, paramo, paragliding, canaima. Info:
  • Areperia Dona Flor Nearby to Cafe Calypso/Centro Commercial El Viaducto, this is the queen of all arepa (corn-flour pita or pupusa like object) restaurants, with stuffings from the mundane shredded pork to pickled eggs and more.
  • Calle Burgers At night small hamburger/hotdog stands appear near all the major nightclubs. Shady though they may look, their burgers are second to none with toppings including fried eggs, ham, shoestring potato fries and more.
  • ¡Date! Con Rolando, Avenida Urdaneta and Calle 49, is another one of these excellent nocturnal hamburger stands, with a variety of meats and cheeses available for your burger, as well as patacones, in which crispy, mashed and fried plantains substitute for the bun. Established in 1985, ¡Date! has become so popular that Rolando has found it necessary to open locations in Barinas and Maracaibo.
  • Pizzeria Da Enzo The best pizzas of Merida, with the secret recipe of an italian family. Andres Bello Avenue Centro Comercial San Cristobal, Merida City.
  • Pizzería El Sabor de los Quesos Best pizza in town, Avenue 2 between 13 and 14 No 13-66, in front of Plaza Milla. Telf. 252.34.98, [10].
  • Café Ático, Near the Plaza de las Heroinas, this small coffeehouse/bar is a popular counterculture scene
  • La Astilla, Plaza Milla. Excellent restaurant that serves local dishes and pizzas. Try the "Lomita al Salsa Mostaza Dyon", "Trucha con Champignones" and "Limonada Frappe".
  • Federicos, Av. 5 between Calle 18 and 19. Italian/Argentinian owner that serves anything between pastas and delicious meat dishes.


Merida is a college town full of fantastic bars and discos playing salsa and international pop music well into the morning, fueled by cheap Polar beer and strong cai pirinhas.


Mercado Principal has a wide assortment of artesania and other touristy goods, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables on the first floor.

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