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Tulum is on the Yucatán Peninsula, in Mexico. It is one of the earliest resorts in Mexico, offering a place of worship and solitude for the Mayan Kings, clergy and Gods in early times. The tropical beach backdrop is the main attraction of this picturesque, much-visited small ruin on the shore of the Caribbean Sea. Shortly after your arrival, you will understand why early Mayans picked this beautiful place to relax. Be prepared for LOTS of people and tour groups at the archaeological site. To avoid the crowds, it is best to stay overnight and visit the ruins early in the morning before the buses arrive, or later in the afternoon. Morning is recommended since you can catch spectacular vistas when the sun is rising over the Caribbean. (less...) (more...)

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Points of Interest in Tulum

  • Tulum archaeological site
  • Muyil archaeological site
  • Grand Cenote
  • Cenote Calaveras
  • Dos Ojos Cenote - 100 pesos for entrance only (good if you bring your own equipment and are ready to walk 3km to the cenote). 300 pesos for a guide, ride to the cenote, snorkel equipment, lamp, and wetsuit if you want. Set aside around 2 or 3 hours total.
  • Sian Ka'an Biosphere - The reserve features acres upon acres of pristine mangrove swamp and wetlands. Just past the information center pull into the dirt lot on the left and walk out to the beach. There are a few fishermen that dock here and are willing to take you on a tour that is much cheaper than the organized tours offered in the area. The fishermen will take you on an hour to two hour boat tour of the reserve anyt time of day. Near sunset is a great option. They will often work for hire for 100 to 200 pesos or 10 to 20USD.
  • Coba ruins - Be sure to visit the Coba ruins. They are not in as pristine shape as the Tulum Ruins, however they feature "el castillo" the tallest of the Mayan ruins that juts up above the treetops in the jungle. You can still climb el castillo in Coba and the sight from the top is spectacular. A fun and efficient way of exploring the ruins is renting a bike ($35 pesos); just go to the rental place inside the ruins. You can also rent bikes to get around Coba. Coba is only a 30 minute drive west of tulum on the main road off 307. Just follow the signs to Coba!

Tulum Mayan Ruins

Xel-Ha Water Park

Gran Cenote

Dos Ojos Cenote

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Popular events in Tulum in the near future

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About Tulum


  • Tulum Sports Festival. Is a sports event held annually at Tulum Beach and is open registration. Fun and sports for everyone with live music, beach volleyball, paddle boards, kayaks, swimming, kite boarding and more. A great weekend of fun activities to celebrate the beauty of the beach and wind. There's something for everyone!
  • Kitesurf.
  • Snorkel. Great guided snorkel tours from the public beach near the ruins, cost was 200 pesos each in Nov 2009. Lasted about two hours.
  • You can also take your own self guided tour of the reefs right off the beach from the Hotel Zone. Tulum sits on the second largest barrier reef in the world. Be sure to take a tour yourself, or a guided tour of this fantastic reef system. You will be sure to see over 30 species of fish and some spectacular Coral as well. If you must take a guided tour, the cheapest in the area is located at Zamas Hotel. Zamas is located about 10 establishments in from the beginning of the hotel zone.
  • Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park. Offering unique jungle adventures to suit everyone, Hidden Worlds is situated on the most extensive system of underwater caves and caverns on Earth. The park is home to some of the most incredible cenotes on the Yucatan Peninsula, as featured in the critically acclaimed 2001 IMAX movie Journey Into Amazing Caves and the 2007 BBC Planet Earth series.
  • Maya Spa. Holistic spa specializing in Mayan treatments.


In much of the Yucatan, rainwater collects in a system of underground caves and tunnels. Where these tunnels reach the surface is known as a cenote (pronounced seh-NOH-teh). Cenotes usually allow swimming and diving, and rent related equipment. They are fresh water and are often quite cold.

  • Casa Cenote, in TanKah III Bay is a magic spot. Here the Cenote goes underground some 100 yards before the beach, only to emerge as an 'underwater' water spring about 20 yards of the beach, right in the ocean. Must see. Tanka III Bay is just over 7 kilometers (5 miles) north of the intersection to the ruins. Take a cab. Great places to eat and stay or scuba too.
  • El Gran Cenote. Admission: 80 pesos.


  • Check out Mezzanine on the cliffs (only 40 feet high but nice) overlooking Playa Paraiso. Superb Thai food and great ambiance and a super view. They even make decent drinks too and have good shows on Friday and Saturday nights.
  • For the budget minded, try Pollo Bronco in Tulum 'Pueblo'. Pollo Bronco and Pollo Asada both offer chicken that is roasted to perfection that can be ordered by the 1/4, 1/2, and whole.
  • It should be noted that most of the restaurants in town are infinitely cheaper than those at the resorts. Most places, with the exception of the italian and japanese restaurants feature entrees for well under 100 pesos, or 10USD. Don Cafetos features authentic mexican and is one of the most popular restaurants on the strip. There are countless little cafes and establishments to get a great bite to eat for cheap.
  • Off the downtown, a few meters ahead on the left of the street entering Villas Tulum is Non Solo Pizza that sell inexpensive pizzas, pies, tarts, breads, cakes etc (around 20 Pesos). All are freshly baked by the courteous (also English-speaking) lady herself who sells those over the counter. Very simple, homely, tasty unlike the greasy branded template pizzas!
  • If you are staying on the beach, it is wise to stock up on food and drinks in the pueblo. There are not too many restaurant options on the beach, and the ones that are operational are quite expensive.
  • If you want non perishable items, grab some snacks to supplement your meals at the Super San Francisco Food Mart. You can buy a cooler here which is great for having cold drinks on the beach each day. Just pick up ice in the morning and the cooler will stay cold until night time. This supermarket however is run by locals and hardly anyone speaks english, so if you don't know spanish, be prepared to shop around to find what you need.
  • Oscar & Lalo Restaurant, Bar & Grill (Oscar y Lalo), Carretera Federal 307 (Playa Del Carmen-Tulum KM. 241),  (984) 115-9965. “Oscar & Lalo Restaurant - Bar - Grill Welcomes you! We have been serving excellent Specialty Seafood, Mexican and Yucatecan Cuisine since 1984. Have a look at our site, browse our menu, and discover that Oscar & Lalos is your dining destination in the Riviera Maya. Come and enjoy our beautiful tropical Jungle Garden, have a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail, and taste the delicious fresh Seafood, Mexican and Yucatecan Cuisine that has made us the pride of the Riviera Maya!
  • El Camello (On the main road in the southern outskirts of the pueblo). "The Camel" has great (and cheap) seafood! Unpretentious but packed with locals as well as tourists. Take a cab to get there unless you are in the southern part of town.
  • Cetli, Polar at Orion. 5-10pm. Probably the best food in town. The food is somewhat expensive (but well worth the price!), keeping locals away, and unfortunately few tourists notice this excellent restaurant, since it's not on the main strip. The place is owned by its young chef, Claudia, trained in Mexico City's premier culinary academy.
  • Cetli, Polar at Orion. 5-10pm. Probably the best food in town. Somewhat expensive but well worth it. The young chef-owner Claudia has been trained at Mexico City's premier culinary academy. Unfortunately few tourists ever notice this place since it's not on the main strip.
  • El Camello Jr (on the east side of the main road in the southern outskirts of town). Great (and cheap) seafood. This place was crowded (mainly by locals) every time we visited (March 2012).


Habana Cafe - If you're craving a taste of Latin life with a touch of Cuban spice, the atmosphere at Habana Café in Tulum Pueblo will satisfy. Habana’s Cuban inspired design is permeated with beats from Latin-infused reggae, Son, Latin house and Merengue. The street level bar brings a style reminiscent of the elegance and opulence of "The Havana 50s" to Tulum. Upstairs in the Sky Bar The scene is even more impressive on the massive, rooftop bar. With its elaborate rooftop garden, 10 foot palm trees, a huge palapa bar, lanterns, and attractive bartenders, the Sky Bar may be the swankest place in Tulum for imbibing outdoors.

Also try a few other cool spots in Tulum that offer fun drink specials with a hip tropical flair:

  • Acabar offers live music and djs in a trendy atmosphere.
  • Teetotum offers weekend rooftop movies, a cool lounge and drink specials, try the Razzleberry Daiquiri!
  • Ak'iin offers weekend parties with live music or djs, no cover and drink specials on a beautiful stretch of beach.
  • Divino Paraiso (Ave Tulum). On a Wednessday evening they have Salsa Lessons from 9 PM and DJ playing assorted mix of Reggae, Reggaeton, Bachata, Salsa, Merenge and Cumbia.


Markets catering mainly to the bus loads of tourists are situated on the road leading to the entrance of the archaeological site.

There are also markets in town on 307 in the main stretch of town. Many cater to tourists however be sure to give them a look anyway. There are a lot of beautiful hand crafted Mexican pottery and fabrics. If you turn off of 307 and vere into town away from the main strip you can discover tons of tiny establishments and get a feel for the truly sleepy town of Tulum.

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