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Zihuatanejo is located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in the state of Guerrero

17.643211 -101.556992
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Points of Interest in Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo is a self-grown little resort on the Bahía Zihuatanejo. The feel of the place is very relaxed and Mexican, and it is very unlike its sister resort of Ixtapa, a planned resort to attract the gringo dollar. Expect to find backpackers and other individual travellers along with Mexican holidaymakers. The latter are also among the more relaxed, as the Mexico City jet-set fresas of course intermingle with the estadounidenses in Ixtapa.

The main attraction of Zihuatanejo is the sheltered Bahía Zihuatanejo with safe swimming. Several lovely beaches surround the bay, including the Playa La Ropa ("Beach of the clothes") and the Playa Las Gatas ("Beach of the she-cats"), the first named after a shipwreck including Chinese silk, the latter named after little, harmless sharks called "she-cats" because of their whiskers.

Playa Las Gatas, across the bay from town, is reached by lanchas, open boats. You buy the tickets at the ticket counter, and queue up at the pier. This is usually a quick affair. The beach itself has white sands and plenty of palapas (thatched umbrellas). You sit down under one for free, as long as you order your drinks and your lunch from the owner of the palapa. Snorkeling is recommended from the snorkel shop located just off of the boat dock. A very nice artificial reef was created in precolumbian times.

The small community amphitheater and basketball courts provide great evening weekend events. Located along the pier near the fish market local families will attend Friday night basketball games (summer timeframe) and Sunday celebrations to watch folkloric dancing on the stage.

La Ropa Beach

La Madera Beach

Fisherman\'s Walk

Principal Beach

King\'s Reef

Las Gatas Beach

Larga Beach

Contramar Beach

Riscal Beach

Blanca Beach

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About Zihuatanejo


  • Porto de Mare, La Madera: A fine dining restaurant with a great atmosphere. It is located across from the small fish market and provides incredibly fresh fish with superb service. The open patio flows into the nice décor of the restaurant. The selection is broad with most dishes moderately priced. The food is well presented and very good. Open for dinner only.
  • Fonda Doña Licha, Calle Cocos #8 (southeast of the Mercado Municipal). 8am-6pm. The best restaurant in Zihua, according to one who lived there for a year and tried just about everything. Homestyle regional dishes, including the traditional pozole on Thursdays and "rica pancita" (tripe) on Sundays. Serves breakfast and lunch only. Good-sized portions, and cheap (40-120 pesos)! cheap.


  • La Bocana, Playa la Ropa. Beautiful setting on the main road to Playa la Ropa, amazing food and good prices


A true Mexican tourist resort (i.e. a lot of vacationers from Mexico City), there are loads of things to buy in Zihuatanejo. In addition to swimwear and other beach accessories, you can buy a lot of Mexican handicraft. There is of course anything from cheap junk to high-quality artworks.

Visit the shops and market close to the Playa Municipal, fanning outward from the pier. There is an excellent textile shop right along the water.

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