Sun, 17 June 9:00 am Performing Arts
Venue: Escola De Danca Jaima Aroxa Copacabana
Address: Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana 492 (Rio de Janeiro flag)

RIO ZOUK 30 DAY IMMERSION COURSE JUNE 17th - JULY 17th 2018 **Please read the entire page before applying to our course** OVER 100 HOURS OF TRAINING WITH THE MASTERS LIVE, EAT, SLEEP BRAZILIAN DANCE AND CULTURE FOR 30 DAYS STRAIGHT. BE PART OF “ZOUK EVOLUTION EXPERIENCE” IN THIS EXCLUSIVE PROGRAM “If you want to learn a dance you need to understand the BODY of the people. why they hold & move their BODY that way is a reflection of their CULTURE. To know the culture is to know the Dance.”— Jaime  Aroxa “To dance is to live, to live well we must balance reason and emotion,to be a great dancer is to express emotion through all of the techniques that you use”— Renata Pecanha  PROFESSORS: JAIME AROXA (zouk) RENATA PECANHA (zouk) JORGE PERES (zouk) ANDERSON MENDES (zouk)  BRENDA CARVALHO (zouk) BRUNO BONFIM (Zouk) INGRID SOTER (Zouk) RAPHAEL HENRI BERCOVITCH (zouk) BARBARA RIBEIRO (zouk) NADINE DA CRUZ (Ballet,Zouk) NETO GARCIA(physical activities) MARILA DERENUSSON (Portuguese)   TOP 20 PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS:   100+ Total hrs. Pre-planned training, worlds first 30 days Immersion course!  30 Hrs. Training w. Master Jaime Aroxa (Brazil’s legendary Guru) ! 30 Hr. Zouk training with Renata Pecanha “The Queen of Zouk” & Jorge Perez. 4 hours immersion in the art of connection with Anderson & Brenda. 30 Hrs. of Portuguese language immersion (emphasizing dance) 4 hours Capoeira training with Neto Garcia! Personalized 10 Hr. group choreo lab with Master Jaime Aroxa! Intimate group of maximum 8 leaders / 8 followers! Live in Brazil for one month, train with an amazing team of dedicated dancers! Experience Rio Zouk Nightlife with our “Epic Party Program”(EPP)! Train with the two oldest schools of Zouk in the world! The Creators of Zouk. Study & Dance Zouk for 30 days straight! Learn Portuguese 5 days a week! Celebrate 25 years of Zouk with Jaime Aroxa & Renata Pecanha! Perform your teams Choreo created by Jaime at Renatas “Zouk in Rio” event! Pre Planned parties every week & weekend with local dancers! Sundays panema Beach trips and Caipirinhas in the sunshine! Visit “Cristo Redentor”, “Pão de Açucar”, &  “Rio Cenarium”! Experience the Dance, Language & Culture of the Carioca!   ZOUK IMMERSION / ELEVATION PROGRAM DETAILS:   **Four pillars of our dance immersion retreat**   Social dance technique training. Expression energy and passion. Choreography Creation & trainings. Carioca Cultural immersion.       30 HOURS OF TRAINING WITH “JAIME AROXA SCHOOL OF DANCE”:   Master Jaime Aroxa is known as teacher of teachers around the world. His dance background is as long as his life. In brazil he is one of the most sought after Trainer/Choreographers that has ever existed. Jaime will make you experience the dance in a whole new way that can not be explained with words. Those who have had the pleasure to meet him do not soon forget for his impact goes well beyond the dance to the the person who dances.   30 HOURS TRAINING WITH “Nucleo de Danca Renata Pecanha”:   Renata Pecanha otherwise known as the “Queen of Zouk” is primarily responsible for transforming what was at the time Lambada/lamba-zouk into what we know as rio zouk or better named “Zouk Traditional” every style of Zouk that you know such as Zouk Flow, Neo Zouk, Soul Zouk, RnB Zouk and Zouk Love all stem from her teachings! Most of the top trainers in the international world of Zouk such as, Adillo Porto, Paloma Alves, Freddy and Andressa, Leo Neves, Alex de Carvalho, & Kamacho have either been students or partners of hers in the past. She has the oldest school of Zouk in the world and the list of her accomplishments will not fit on 10 pages. Renata is the top Zouk trainer in the world in our opinion and we are not shy about that.     ANDERSON MENDES & BRENDA CARVALHO CONNECTION COURSE:   4 Hrs. Masterclass “The Art of dancing & connection” “creating a deep state of awareness”.   Anderson and Brenda are known around the world for their energetic and connected dance style. Born and raised in brazil they dance many different styles and have developed a unique and hard to find connection in their practice! Journey with us as will dive deep into the energetic realm of dance with your partner and how you can use this for health and healing. Highlights of our 30 day immersion course:  Perform at Renata's "Zouk In Rio" dance festival Locally organized party program Portuguese language immersion course 30 Hr. classes with "Escola de Danca Jaime Aroxa". 19  Hr. of Choreography training with Escola de Danca Jaime Aroxa.      (4-Weeks) 03   Hr. Program: “Expressing emotion in your dance” Jaime & Barbara.  (Week #1) 03 hr. Techniques for using more of your body! Jaime & Barbara. (Week #2) 02  Hr. Inspire dancers & dance instructors, Jaime & Barbara.  (Week #3) 03   Hr. Using breath & the voice with our dance, Raphael & Barbara.     (Week #4) 30 Hr. Training with "Nucleo de Danca Renata Peçanha"  20+ Primary Techniques essential to every great zouk dancer. 40+  Beginner/intermediate/Advanced Movements to turn up your dance Up to 20 sequences combining the above movements & Techniques. Mastering Musicality Module. Take what you know now to a whole new level. Dancing with deliciousness in your dance, dance Gostosinho. All students will receive Personal feedback from Renata & Jorge 30 Hr. training certificate from Nucleo de Danca Renata Pecanha. Program includes a written journal for documenting movements / techniques. Jaime Aroxa personalized Choreography (12 hours training) Created just for us with our group’s growth as the goal. Get a peek inside the mind of one of Brazil’s top Choreographers & Trainers. See performance art in a new light the way they teach it in Brazil. Reach a new level of skill & expression in dance performance design and training. Parties 3-4 nights per week Dance with locals from Rio at their parties. Enjoy music that you will never hear outside of brazil Beach Kioski Zouk Parties in copacabana @ night. Internationally renowned djs Language Course delivered by professor of Portuguese Marila Derenusson 5 days/week Professional Language Classes each morning. tailored language classes that use the topic of dance as a medium. Level one portugues certificate upon completion.   COST OF FULL COURSE:  $2995.00 USD Full Course. Deposit: 500.00 reserves your spot. (Non-Refundable) Full payment is due by May 17th 2018       ***Deposits are non refundable*** this reserves your spot and prevents other dancers from being able to sign up for the course. make sure your application is approved and that you have everything all set before you reserve your spot with a deposit or full payment. Once full payment is made we will only refund if cancelation notice is recieved prior to may 17th via an email to we can roll the full payment over to the following year if you have to change plans due to a illness or a work related issue. Zero refunds after May 17th of the calendar year.    INCLUDED IN PRICE:   Full stay in large home a few blocks from the beachside in Copacabana. Breakfast and lunch made daily in house Monday - Friday for 4 weeks. 64 hrs. Zouk Classes 30 hrs. portuguese language classes 4 hours of Capoeira  taught in Portuguese 4 hours yoga classes International event performance opportunity. Laundry service one time weekly Cleaning services provided each week. Bilingual team leader & support staff.   CULTURAL ACTIVITIES  (not included in price)   Visit some of Rio de Janeiros most famous attractions with us as we set out to see the city each saturday! Some of the most amazing sites in the world exist in this city! It is truly a enchanting place to visit for any length of time! Scheduled activities include:   Cristo Redentor Pau de Acucar Lapa city tour and Rio Cenarium Feira de São Cristóvão   ACTIVITIES PAGE:   FULL COURSE SCHEDULE HERE:   FULL BIO’S FOR PROFESSORS HERE:       CASA IN COPACABANA   Private home with modern amenities. Double or Triple occupancy per room. Your own single bed or a double bed for you and another student.  Large kitchen/livingroom,dining room. AC in all bedrooms and common areas. (not needed at this time of year) High speed Wifi internet included. 3 blocks (5 min) walk to sandy Copacabana beach. 5 blocks (10 min) walk to Jaime Aroxa studio Copacabana Shops everywhere you look Restaurants on every corner. Bustling Copacabana life right outside the door!       STUDIO SPACE: Jaime Aroxa Escola de Danca Copacabana: 492 Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana.   IMPORTANT DATES:   ZOUK & LANGUAGE Course: MON. - FRI. June 18th-July 13th 2018 Check in day begins on: Sunday June 17th. Orientation meeting evening of: Sunday June 17th. Renatas “Zouk in Rio” Dance festival: Weekend of July 13th - 15th. Performance: Sunday July 15th! After party: Monday July 17th. Arrive latest June afternoon of Sunday June 17th.  Airport Code: GIG Pack up to check out on: Tuesday July 17th.   STUDENT REQUIREMENTS:   Passport must be valid until at least January 19th 2018. Proof of Brazilian Visa provided to us at least 1 months prior or May 17th 2017.            link for online submission: Travel health insurance (Proof required) Link for insurance here: Application submitted and approved here:   APPLY NOW   Not included IN COURSE PRICE.   Airfare Private lessons Weekend evening Activities Cultural events Sightseeing dinner’s Renata’s Zouk in Rio Festival (but we get a discount) Airfare Medical insurance (required) (less...) (more...)

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