Forio d'Ischia

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Forio is on the island of Ischia in Italy.

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Points of Interest in Forio d'Ischia

  • Villa La Colombaia Lacco Ameno - The Villa, surrounded by a superb park, was the residence of the movie director Luchino Visconti. It is now the seat of the cultural Institution dedicated to Visconti, which is involved in cultural activities promotion such as music, cinema, theatre, art exhibitions, work-shops, cinema reviews. A museum dedicated to Luchino Visconti will be open soon. The Villa and the the Park are accessible for public visits.
  • Villa La Mortella - San Francesco - This wonderful park is located at Forio d’Ischia (busstop 41 on the CS or #1 bus route) and was originally the property of the English composer William Walton, who lived in the Villa next door with his wife. When the composer arrived on the island in 1946, he immediately called a botanical expert from England to lay out the garden, planting wonderful tropical and Mediterranean plants, some of which have now reached amazing proportions.
  • Il Torrione - It was built in 1480, has two floors: the ground floor had no access from outside and was used as weapons and munitions storage, there was also a rain-water tank; on the upper floor there was the Garisson's accommodation (about 10 people) led by a “torriere” that had the task of promptly taking sight of any enemy ship and sounding the alarm. On the top , there was a terrace provided with four cannons. Historians notice that many similar towers were built in Forio until the XVIII century, although many of them were used as private residence of noble families. 16 similar fotresses have been counted in all between 1480 and 1700, plus five more towers built in the district of Panza, some with a squarred base and others with a circular base. Many of these towers can be observed still now and are mainly private houses. The “Torrione”, after it had been restored, became a municipal Museum, on the lower floor, while the upper floor was the house of the artist Giovanni Maltese from Forio and is now an art gallery hosting his pictures and sculptures collection.
  • The Soccorso's church - It is devoted to "Santa Maria della neve" (Saint Maria of the snow), and it was built on a steeply promontory that take its name. As the "Torrione" it is the symbol of the town of Forio and it is one of the most original architecture structues of the Island of Ischia. The Soccorso was founded as an augustinian convent on about 1350 but it was suppressed on 1653, anyway its actual form go up since the 1864. The church is accessible by 20 steps of piperno, then there is a little atrium with 5 crosses of pipernio too. This church is world famous not only for its position but specially for its singular facade, white and adorned by precious '700's majolicas representing saints and scenes of the Passion of Christ. The Soccorso's style is very original, it reassumes some architectures as Greek-byzantine, Moorish and Mediterranean in harmonic shapes. The inside is very interesting becouse of the many types of volta. In the left chapel there is a thaumaturgical cross, a sculpture of Catalan inspiration, surely made on the sec. XVI. Closed to this cross there are 2 marble medals, they was found in a medieval sarcophagus that was placed in the castel of the antique cathedral of Ischia. This church retains various arts as a shovel made by Cesare Calise that represents Saint Augustine, and a small basin of pipernio dated sec. IX-X.

San Francesco Beach

Poseidon Thermal Gardens

Giardini la Mortella

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About Forio d'Ischia


Sorgeto Hot Springs

Starting from the 1300s people have come to soak in the soothing hot springs of Ischia. Streams of spouting hot water gushing into the sea as well as steamspouts with gases gushing from cracks in the soil (fumaroles) in caves which are used as a kind of sauna in baths and thermal gardens.Sorgeto Hot Spring Waters located in Forio coastline, whose thermal water gushes out into the sea. You can lounge in the natural pool made by small rocks and stones. Hot water is outpouring into the sea and bubbles can be easily observed among rocks. To get here there is a series of stone steps. The temperature quite high allows to have baths also in winter.

"Poseidon Gardens and Natural Spas"

With reference to its volcanic origins, the hydrothermal heritage of the island of Ischia is one of the richest in the world. The thermo-mineral island springs with their clearly evident "hyperthermability" captured the attention of the ancients right from the beginning. It is therefore hardly surprising that the thermal cures of Ischia actually date back to the VIII Century A.D., when the first Greek colonies, originating from Eubea, settled on the island.

The curative tradition of Ischia's springs did not pause throughout time: they passed from the Greek to the Roman period and so on, through the darkest Medieval centuries to the Renaissance period and up to a first rational approach of 18th Century medical science to today.

Among the areas creating most interest, the zone of Citara, in the municipality of Forio, is undoubtedly the most important and, indeed, in the bay of Citara the famous Thermal Poseidon Gardens were established.

22 pools ( Thermal, Kneipp, ocean-water ) have been installed according to latest tecnical and medical knowledge. The water - temperature vary from 28°C to 40°C (82°F to 104°F ) and the abundance of water means that it is constantly renewed - a totally unique procedure. A Roman Sauna and a large private beach is equipped with deck-chairs and beach - umbrellas, various restaurants of which one is situated in a beautiful grotto of local tuff-stones and a boutique with a newspaper-kiosk complete this extraordinary establishment.

Visitors of the Poseidon Gardens will find a haven of peace and tranquility in a setting of 60.000 square meters of ecologically intact gardens and can enjoy an ideal combination of medical cure and relaxing holidays by the sea. This is also a reason why perfectly healthy people who have no need for treatment in the classical sense, benefit greatly from spending some time at the Poseidon Gardens. If you are extremely involved in your work and have hardly any time for compensatory sport or other activities, or if you sinply want to prevent future health - problems nothing can be better than the combination of a mild climate, the warming sun, mountains and beaches, thermal springs and the sea. Nothing is better than the mosaic of natural healing as provided in the Poseidon Gardens.

A permanent bus - service is linked with all important parts of the island.


  • Ristorante "La Casereccia" Located at the foot of Mount Epomeo and with a sea view from above, this hidden gem is a true family restaurant. Each night Mamma Tina cooks up the best in Ischitan and Southern Italian. Standout menu items include the Grilled Swordfish, Stewed Rabbit, and Gnocchi Sorrentina. One of the cons of the family also bakes delicious pizzas using the freshest ingredients. Most ingredients, in fact, come from the family's own gardens. Wine and limoncello are homemade and delicious. Attire is casual, families and groups are welcome, and prices are reasonable. The family also runs a hotel and hostel [1] Address: Via Baiola, 193, Borbonica, 80075 Forio, Ischia


  • La Bella'Mbriana, Via Marina n. 7. Outside the entry door is write " Irish Bar ", actually the place has nothing to do with an Irish Bar is more a place to have fun, a Karaoke Club where you can enjoy italian live music and get a lot of cocktails for 8 euro each ( reasonable ) at least the entry is free. The average age is 30 y o.


Forio is probably the best town on Ischia to get good deals, from the best Italian brands to the lower end. Take a look right the center of town where the shopping street is, but don't miss the market stalls of Forio where you can find bargains, sometimes clothes for 5 euros.

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