Reggio di Calabria

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Reggio di Calabria is in Calabria, Italy. It is the Bergamotto city.

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Points of Interest in Reggio di Calabria

  • Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia, Piazza Giuseppe De Nava, 26 89122 Reggio di Calabria,  0965 812255. It is an Italian archaeological museum in Reggio Calabria with an archaeological collection from sites in Magna Grecia, the famous Bronzi di Riace bill be exhibited in the museum after its restoration. At the moment the museum is closed for refurbishment, but should reopen in May 2011 FREE.
  • The Bronzi di Riace, Via Cardinale Gennaro Portanova,  0965 814873. The Bronzi di Riace are two famous full-size Greek bronze sculptures of nude bearded warriors, cast about 460–430 BCE, that were discovered by chance in 1972 in the waters of Riace Marina. Currently they are being restored in Reggio Calabria, the restoration laboratory is opened to the public at Palazzo Campanella. FREE.
  • Pentedattilo. Pentedattilo is a stunning ancient village in southern Calabria near the sea with a splendid view of Mount Etna on Sicily. It is located about 45 minutes drive away from Reggio (the nearest destination that can be reached by public transport is Melito Porto Salvo or Saline Joniche). The village takes its name from ancient Greek origins. It is surrounded by five cliffs, which reminds the shape of five fingers (Gr. daktylos penta = five fingers).

Today Pentedattilo is sometimes called a “Ghost Town” as it was almost fully abandoned by its inhabitants in favour of new homes near the coast. Every summer Pentedattilo hosts a Paleariza Festival, celebrating the Hellenistic culture. Between August and September a fascinating International Short Film Festival takes place there

  • Scilla (22 km north from Reggio Calabria). It is a stunning town of Greek origin located north of Reggio Calabria in front of the strait of Messina. Scilla is definitely worth visiting because of the facsinating panoramic views over the Tyrrhenian Sea, historical presence and beautiful beach.

Schilla is famous for sword fish, which has been fished there since Magna Greek times.

The Ruffo Castle stands on the top of the famous cape which is wedged over the sea, leaving the beautiful beaches of Scilla, an annual tourist spot, on either side.

  • Aspromonte National Park (From Reggio take the exit Gallico and follow the SS 184 in the direction of Gambarie). This strip of granitic-crystalline origin resembles a giant pyramid. The area is near the sea and reaches 2,000 meters of height with its many mountain peaks and plateaus of marine sedimentary origins.Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Park is enriched by considerable historical, artistic, and archaeological aspects, evidences of the archaic, classical, Greek, medieval, and modern culture. Points of attraction include the Gambarie ski resort (1,311 m) and the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Polsi, in the comune of San Luca.

Arena dello Stretto

Villa Zerbi

Monumento ai Caduti di Tutte le Guerre

Teatro Comunale Francesco Cilea

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

Lido Comunale Zerbi

Chiesa degli Ottimati

Aragonese Castle

Cathedral of Calabria

Museo Nazionale della Magna Grecia

Stadio Oreste Granillo

Aspromonte National Park

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About Reggio di Calabria


Lungomare is the beautiful promenade along the beach separated by the inland Corso Vittorio Emanuele by a small strip of botanical garden of palm trees. A few blocks inland (east) Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi is the main artery of Reggio.

During the summer Reggio is as dead in the daytime as a Sergio Leone movie. From 8 to 9pm Corso Garibaldi is full of people. After that everyone is at Lungomare.


  • Lido Communale For €1 you get a daypass to this northern beach, a changeroom, use of showers etc.
  • Teatro comunale Francesco Cilea, Corso Garibaldi (Located in front of Palazzo San Giorgio),  +39 0965.312701. With a capacity of 1,500 seats it is the largest theater in Calabria. It showcases musical and theatrical performances of different genre.


  • Cordon Bleu +39 0965 332447. Corso Garibaldi 203. Very posh with waiters in black tie and white tuxedo, paper hats on draught beer etc. It is a glorified fastfood joint selling ice cream, crêpes, pizza slices, crispelline and other dished that are heated after you make your choice. But the E16 tourist menu is good and they have one thing on all other restaurants in town. The location of their wagon/tent on Corso Garibaldi.
  • La Dolce Vita +39 0965 895173. Viale G. Zerbi (Next to Museo Strumento Ncionale). Makes excellent ice cream. You can eat them on the terrace.


  • Pepy's' beach +39 320 2147980. Lungomare. Great place to have a quiet beer, limoncello, bergamotto, or cocktail while watching the lights on Sicily and listening to the waves hitting the rocky beach.
  • Momo, Via Tommaso Campanella. Nice place to go on a Thursday. The Thursday night is called "Speak and Drink", where italian and English speaking people meet together for an Aperetivo (you get free snacks and antipasti with drinks, which are really nice and filling) to improve their language skills.


  • Bergamotto liquor. Similar to Limoncello.

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