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Guérande is a town in the Pays de la Loire (Loire-Atlantique department) in western France. "Ville et pays d'art et d'histoire"[1] since 2004, Guerande is famous for its medieval town. It is one of the rare cities to have to preserve his ramparts in its entirety. Guerande, it is also its Salt Marshes and her famous salt, "la fleur de sel".

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Points of Interest in Guerande


The ramparts (XV-XVI)

In 1343, following the destruction inflicted on Guérande by troops commanded by Charles de Blois, Jean de Montfort demanded that the town be properly protected by improving its fortifications. Work started soon after and continued for more than a century, with the town's architecture adapted to reflect the latest artillery developments. It was not until 1488, or 145 years later, that these ramparts, by then complete, were inaugurated during the reign of Duke François II (father of Anne of Brittany), a few months before his death.

1434 m long, the ramparts are pierced by four gateways : St Michel to the east, Vannetaise to the north, Bizienne to the west and Saillé to the south).

The Saint Aubin's Church (XV-XVI)

One of the main site of interest of the medieval town. XV-XVI century.


An area of 2000 hectares divided in two zones, the largest is around the Traict du Croisic and extends over the villages of Batz-sur-Mer, Guérande, and La Turballe. The second is located beyond the “coteau” guérandais and covers an area of 350 hectares which includes Mesquer, Saint-Molf and Assérac.

This area is classified since 1996. Today in the salt marshes, around 250 “paludiers” i.e. salt workers harvest approximately 12000 mt of salt a year.


It was one of the first natural parks to be listed as a “Parc Naturel Régional” in 1970.

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About Guerande


Guerande is a medieval fortified town. During Middle Ages, Guerande was the principal town in the estate owned by dukes of Brittany which covered the entire peninsula, the "Presqu'île Guérandaise". Its strategic position at the top of a hill gave it an overview of the ocean and a role as protector of the Salt Marshes.

The town entered a golden age with the last dukes of Brittany, who built its formidable ramparts. The period gave it charm, a picturesque flavour and an exceptional heritage which led the celebrated writer Balzac to describe it thus "Guérande is one of those rare towns to have retained the true physiognomy of the feudal centuries".


To get some more information, it is possible to go to the Tourist office center of Guerande next to Saint-Michel gate. The website has major shows listed [4]

  • Office de tourisme de Guérande: 1, place du Marché au Bois - 44 350 Guérande - 0.820.150.044 [5] [6]

Visit the Salt Marshes: Many structures offer to discover the Salt Marshes with several types of visits: museography, guided tours on an operational salt-pan, walk on a typical local wagon, etc...

  • La Maison des Paludiers: 18, rue des Prés Garnier - 44 350 Guérande - [7]
  • Terre de Sel: Route des Marais Salants - 44350 Guérande - [8]
  • Le mulon de Pen Bron: Route de Pen Bron - 44 350 Guérande - [9]

Visit the wetlands of La Brière: The wetlands of La Brière are not like the Salt Marshes. There are many ways to discover this territory but the most popular is the visit in chaland (craft).

  • L'arche briéronne: Port de Bréca - 44 410 Saint-Lyphard -
  • Barques Crusson: La chaussée neuve - 44 117 Saint-André-des-Eaux -
  • Barques Mahé Anthony: Port de la Chaussée Neuve - 44 117 Saint-André-des-Eaux
  • Barques Moyon Jean: Ile de Fedrun - 44 720 Saint-Joachim
  • Brière évasion: Port de la Pierre Fendue - 44 410 Saint-Lyphard [10]
  • Chez Chantal et Jacky: 3, île de Fédrun - 44 720 Saint-Joachim
  • Faune Briéronne: 356 Port de bréca - 44 410 Saint-Lyphard [11]
  • La Tanière: 80, île de Fédrun - 44 720 Saint-Joachim [12]

Discover the history of the region: Many sites enable you to understand the history of Guerande and its area with the help of museography, exhibitions and many other ways.

  • Le musée de la porte Saint-Michel (histoire de la cité médiévale) Porte Saint-Michel - 44 350 Guérande -
  • Le musée de la poupée (reconstitution): 23, rue de Saillé - 44 350 Guérande -
  • Le musée des Marais Salants (history of Salt Marshes): 29 bis, rue pasteur - 44 740 Batz-sur-Mer -
  • Le musée du grand Blockhaus (histoiry of "Saint-Nazaire pocket"): Route de la côte Sauvage - 44 740 Batz-sur-Mer - [13]
  • Le musée de la Maison de la Pèche (histoiry relating to ports): Port de la Turballe - 44 420 La Turballe -


In Guerande, visitors can find mainly 3 types of restaurants: traditional restaurants, pizzeria and "crêperies" (traditional Breton food). Major part of restaurants are in the medieval city. [14]


There are 2 marketplaces in the medieval town: the great market on Sunday and the little market on Wednesday (the fishes's market is everyday except Monday and Thursday).

This article is based on Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike 3.0 Licensed text from the article Guerande on Wikivoyage.