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Narva is Estonia's eastern-most city, with about 70,000 inhabitants.

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Points of Interest in Narva

  • Narva Museum/Castle +37 235 99 230, e-mail: St.-Peterburi mnt. 2. Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 10 AM - 6 PM. The Castle tower overlooks the Ivangorod castle on the Russian side of the river and offers an eclectic display of Estonian and Narva history. Tickets are 30 EEK.
  • Kuremäe Pühtitsa Uspenski convent.
  • Tank T- 34, Jõesuu tn, Narva. Monument commemorates battles of World War II and indicates breakthrough of Soviet forces. Narva’s tank is the only such memorial, being exhibited in Estonia until this time.
  • Pimeaed (Blind Garden), Pimeaia tn, Narva. This is Narva’s oldest part, an example of park architecture from the end of the 19th century.
  • Narva Bastions, Raja tn, Narva. A total of seven bastions were built in the 17th century: Honor, Gloria, Victoria, Fama, Triumph, Fortuna, and Spes. Work has been started to dry and light the bastions.
  • The Lords Resurrection Cathedral, Bastrakovi tn 4, Narva. It was built in 1890-1896 for the orthodox workers of Kreenholm Manufactory. Architectural solution comes from Byzantine tradition. You can see three part iconostasis and 17th century’s Christ’s crucifix. The bombing of the city on year 1944 during the second world war, left only the church untouched.
  • Narva Art Gallery, Vestervalli tn 21, Narva. The gallery the art centre of East-Viry County. It is located in 18th century former ammunition warehouse. In addition to the permanent collection, exhibitions of modern Estonian and West-European art are organized and a traditional art party takes place on the last Sunday in May
  • Narva Alexander Megachurch, Kiriku tn 9, Narva. Build in 1881-84 the Alexander Church was damaged during both World War I and II. The bell tower was destroyed in 1944 along with the Walcker organ that was located there. Today the church's bell tower has been restored. You can visit the bell tower and the observation platform installed there, as well as a museum where artworks from the 14th to 21st century are displayed.
  • Kreenholm area and Kreenholm Textile Factory, Joala tn 20, Narva. The famous Kreenholm Textile Factory was built on the shore of the waterfall in the 19th century, and was the largest factory in the Russian Empire at that time. In 1913 over ten thousand people worked there! A compact complex of industrial architecture developed around the factory that included the factory, a hospital, workers' barracks, directors' houses, and Kreenholm Park.
  • Narva Town Hall, Raekoja plats 1, Narva. German, Swedish and Italian architectural influences are mixed in the building style of the Town Hall that dates back to the 17th century. The building is currently not open to the public.

Hermann Castle

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About Narva


Due to the heavy damage of the Second World War Narva had to be almost completely rebuilt. This is why today the city is dominated by Soviet architecture. Narva's "modern" Town Hall, for example, is a prime example of typical Soviet architecture.

Over 90% of the current population are Russian-speakers, mostly either Soviet-era immigrants from parts of the former Soviet Union or their descendants.

There’s plenty to do in Narva, concerts, annual festivals and open-air shows that take place both in the inner yard of the Narva Castle and elsewhere in the town, such as in the newly-built ice skating stadium.

  • Tourist Information Center +372 356 01 84, e-mail: Puškini 13, Narva. . Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 AM – 6 PM, Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM - 3 PM.


  • Mravinski's International Music Festival (May)
  • Narva Town Days (July)
  • Narva History Festival (August).



  • Cafe Aleksandr, Pushkini tänav 13. Relatively low prices, clean and cosy interior. More than 100 dishes of European and Russian cuisine including salads, soups, pelmeni, fish, chicken and meat courses, pancakes and desserts. Nearby the cafe is Narva castle, Narova river and the tourism information office.Tourist groups up to 40 people are welcome!


  • King Hotel, Lavretsovi tänav 9. A cosy place to have a drink at the bar or dinner in a rustic environment. Free Wi-Fi. From 100 EEK for main course.


  • Hotel Inger, Pushkin 28. Go to the Salvadore restaurant of Inger Hotel for international and Russian food. Pricey by Narva's standards but not more than what you'd expect from the rather nice interior. The music can be a little annoying, but it's worth it if you want to get away from the world outside (it can be a little gray in Narva). Free Wi-Fi if you ask for the password. The staff speaks English.


  • Second hand shopping, Pushkin 13. Generally there are many second hand stores in Narva. Most of them sell assorted cothing and shoes from the 80s and 90s. The one next door from Alexandr has a selection of Soviet and WWII artifacts; jewelry and memorabilia.

There are a few shopping centres along Tallinn street.

  • Narvacentrum, Tallinna mnt. 47, e-mail:
  • Fama, Tallinna mnt. 19c.
  • Astri, Tallinna mnt. 41. There is also a cinema and a bowling hall.

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