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Odense is the largest city on the island of Funen (da.Fyn) in Denmark. As Denmark's third-largest city, it offers the traveller a mixture of an exciting vibrant night-life, beautiful street-scapes, great shopping opportunities & a rich cultural heritage.

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Points of Interest in Odense

  • Brandts Klædefabrik, Brandts Torv 1,  +45 65 20 70 00. Tu-Su 10:00-17:00 (except Th 12:00-21:00). The art and cultural centre of Odense. Contains two museums; The Danish Museum of Media which focuses on all types of media and their history and the museum of photographic arts museum specializing in photography, there is also a gallery with changing exhibitions in its four large halls. And also specialist shops, a music library, a specialist cinema, bars & a post office.
  • Carl Nielsen Museum, Claus Bergs Gade 11,  +45 65 51 46 01. A museum which honours the life of the classical music composer, Carl Nielsen, who was born just outside of Odense and is primarily known in Scandinavia and the UK for his 6 symphonies. Carl Nielsen is the portrait featured on the front side of the Danish hundred-kroner note.
  • Danish Railway Museum, Dannebrogsgade 24,  +45 66 13 66 30, fax: +45 66 19 02 20, e-mail: jbmuseum@dsb.dk. Daily 10:00-16:00 (closed 1 Jan, 24, 25 and 31 Dec).. A museum dedicated to the Danish railways. Contains dozens of old trains, carriages and rail road memorabilia over 10,000m². There is also a large model train landscape and a ride-on miniature railway and playground for the children. On public holidays and during the schools summer vacation the museum also arranges train rides in old vintage steam trains to various destinations on Funen - call ahead for dates and reservations. DKK48, children 5-13 DKK20, Families DKK120 (2 adults and 3 children).
  • Egeskov Castle, Egeskov Gade 3, Kværndrup,  +45 62 27 10 16. Daily 10:00-17:00 (Jun-Aug 10:00-20:00). One of Europe's best preserved is Europe's best preserved Renaissance water castles, dating back from 1554, about 30km south. The current owner, Count Ahlefeldt, has added numerous features, including a maze, walk-among- the treetops and a veteran auto museum, toy museum, kitchen garden, and more, all in a scenic park. DKK175.
  • Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Bangs Boder 29,  +45 65 51 46 01. Daily 10AM-4PM (or 6 PM in July-August). A museum dedicated to the city's most famous son, author and poet Hans Christian Andersen, most famous for his fairy tales and in particular The Ugly Duckling and the Little Mermaid. Part of the museum is located in the house where Andersen was supposedly born (though he would never confirm it). The impressive collection is mainly documents from his life and times, period furniture, and many drawings and paper clippings he is famous for at home. 55 DKK for entrance.
  • Hans Christian Andersen's Garden, Town Centre, behind Saint Knuds Kirke. A garden commemorating H.C. Andersen. Large flower arrangements, a river & an ice cream shop make this park an ideal location for a picnic. The small attractions of the park include a pergola, the “Chinese Wall” a statue of Hans Christian Andersen and close by – in the river – there is a sculpture of a paperboat (a prop from one of H.C. Andersens fairy tales).
  • Odense Zoo, Sdr. Boulevard 306,  +45 66 11 13 60, e-mail: odensezoo@odensezoo.dk. 10AM-4PM (or 6PM in summer). One Denmark's biggest tourist attractions is the Odense zoo, covering almost 4 hectares on both sides the Odense River. The Oceanium opened in 2001, is the main show-piece featuring a tour though South America, including a very impressive aviary and indoor rain forest. Children: 55 DKK, Adults: 110 DKK, Family: (2 adults, and 2 children) 300 DKK.
  • Saint Knuds Kirke, Klosterbakken 2 (Next to the Town Hall),  +45 66 12 03 92. 09:00-16:00. Cathedral in the Gothic style of King Canute the Holy, who became a martyr nearby in 1086. His tomb and that of his brother are in the crypt with many other burial stones of dignitaries of the day. Free Entry..

Saint Canute\'s Cathedral

Hans Christian Andersen Museum


Carl Nielsen Museum

Odense Castle (Odense Slot)

Hans Christian Andersen\'s Childhood Home

Brandts Klaedefabrik

Funen Art Museum

Danish Railway Museum

Bymuseet Montergarden

Den Fynske Landsby

University of Southern Denmark

Odense Zoo

Fionia Park


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About Odense


Odense is roughly in the centre of Funen, which lies between the larger Zealand island and the Jutland peninsula. The first recorded reference to the city dates back to 988AD in a letter from the German Kaiser Otto III.

Some recent archaeological findings have indicated that a settlement has in fact been around since the Viking period. At that time, however, Odense was just the small centre of the Odin cult. In 1100, the first monastery, Saint Knud's was established by English Benedictine monks.

Up until the middle of the 17th century, Odense enjoyed the position as a main trading-centre for the people from the surrounding areas. Local produce & livestock were exported from the city. However, a war with Sweden in the 1600s weakened the city's economy. This economic downturn continued until 1803 when a canal linking Odense and the Baltic Sea was opened. This swiftly changed Odense into a port city and over the next 100 years Odense quickly developed into the modern industrial city which it is today.

Currently Odense has a population of 185,871 people, thus making it Denmark's 3rd largest city.

Odense is also the birthplace of the world famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen & the city proudly displays statues, parades & monuments in his memory. Andersen was born on 2 April 1805, in a tiny house on Munkemøllestræde, quite close to the cathedral. During his lifetime, Andersen created many famous fairy-tales which today are internationally famous. For example The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling and The Snow Queen.


  • Odense Golfklub, Hestehaven 200,  +45 6595 9000. 21:00-17:30. Green fees: M-Th DKR275 (€38), Weekends and holidays DKR325 (€45). Odense Golfklub does not accept Euros and only permits credit card payments on weekdays 08:30-16:30.
  • Odense Go-Kart-Hal, Cikorievej 32,  +45 70 25 02 10, fax: +45 70 25 02 20, e-mail: info@gokart-hal.dk.
  • Odense Symphony Orchestra (Odense Symfoniokester), Cikorievej 32,  +45 66 12 44 80, fax: +45 65 91 00 47, e-mail: orchestra@odensesymfoni.dk.
  • Odense Aafart. Odense Aafart has tour boats from the recreational area Munke Mose in the city centre on Odense River with stops at Odense Zoo and in Fruens Bøge near The Funen Village.
  • Odense Boldklub, Bolbro. Odense has one of the most active fan scenes in Denmark and if you are so lucky that OB plays at home against FCK or BIF you will have to go to the stadium and watch it. If you want a drink among other fans go to Sprogø up to 6 hours prior to kickoff. You will find a great atmosphere and singing here.



  • China Box, Vestergade 1 (Next to the Town Hall),  +45 66 12 06 24. 11am-10pm. Good quality take-away Chinese at affordable prices. Between 22 DKK & 35 DKK.
  • Emils Hot House, Vestergade 17 (Next to the Town Hall),  +45 66 12 18 18‎. S-W 11AM-10PM,Th-Sa 11AM-6AM. Take-away burgers, pizza & hot dogs. Between 15 DKK & 45 DKK.
  • Happy Chicken, Vestergade 17 (Next to the Town Hall),  +45 66 17 85 43‎. All-Day. Budget Chinese food. The quality is not quite as good as that in China Box. Between 20 DKK & 45 DKK.
  • Cafe du Nord, Vestergade 20 (Near to the Town Hall),  +45 66 11 92 11. 9am-7pm.


  • Cuckoo's Nest, Vestergade 73,  +45 65915787. Mo-We 9AM-midnight,Th-Sa 9AM-2AM,Su 10AM-11PM. Stylish but relaxed cafe-bar in the front, with a courtyard restaurant in the back. Nacos, burgers, salads, fish, and tapas platters. Main dishes 70-200 DKK.
  • Restaurant Carlslund, Fruens Bøge Skov 7 (Accessible by train, bus or by taking the Odense Aafart tour boats on the river),  +45 65911125, e-mail: kontakt@restaurant-carlslund.dk. Su-We 12AM-11PM, Th-Sa 12AM-12PM. An old farm house in the Fruens Bøge forest in a suburb of Odense. Traditional Danish main courses and Smørrebrød. Especially famous for their rendition of the traditional Danish omelette with fried bacon, pork rinds, tomato and chives served with dark rye bread and mustard at a price of 130 DKK for all you can eat. 70-250 DKK.


  • Den Gamle Kro (The Old Inn), Overgade 23,  +45 66 12 14 33, fax: +45 6617 8858, e-mail: dengamlekro@city-hotel-odense.dk. Daily 11AM-11PM. Easily one of the most attractive restaurants in the country, in a historical half timbered building, originally an old inn, built in 1863. French inspired and serves traditional Danish food. A la carte mains from 189 DKK, 2 course menu 297 DKK, 5 course menu 418 DKK..
  • Sortebro Kro, Sejerskovvej 20,  +45 66 13 28 26, e-mail: sortebro_kro@mail.tele.dk. Daily noon-11PM. 18th century Inn near Den Fynske Landsby (Old Funen Village) Sejerskovej 20. Danish cuisine. A la carte from 215 DKK, 3 courses menu 495 DKK.


Bars in Odense have opening hours which tend to vary greatly. For example some bars close everyday at around midnight, while others stay open until 5AM or even later.

  • Albani, Tværgade 2,  +45 65 48 75 00, e-mail: contact@royalunibrew.com. A local beer, primarily Odense Pilsner and Odense Classic. The brewery was founded in 1859.
  • The Australian Bar (A-Bar), Brandts Passage. The A-Bar is popular with students & young people due to its low prices. It is particularly popular with exchange students. Note: ID is required at the door. Door: 45 DKK, Drinks: Relatively Cheap..
  • Birdies.
  • Boogies, Nørregade (Near to Ryan's Irish Pub). Popular with young people & students, open most weekday nights. During the summer there is an open air court with its own bar.
  • Carlsens Kvarter, Hunderupvej 19, 5000 Odense C,  +45 63110110. A traditional Danish pub, with a cozy Danish athmosphere. A wide range of danish and foreign beers. Close to Munke Mose & the Teknisk Skole.
  • Christian Firtal, Vintapperstræde 31, 5000 Odense C. A small traditional Danish pub, with a cozy Danish athmosphere. A wide range of danish and foreign beers.
  • Froggys Café, Froggys Café, Vestergade 68, 5000 Odense C,  +4565907447, e-mail: froggys@froggyscafe.dk.
  • Ryan´s of Odense, Fisketorvet 12,  +45 65 91 53 00. hours. Ryan's is an authentic traditional Irish Pub, stocked with Irish drinks & staffed by Irish barmen. Live music every Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 11pm.
  • Odense Casino, Claus Bergs Gade 7 (Inside the Radisson Hotel),  +45 6614 7800, e-mail: info@casinoodense.dk. 7pm-4am. American Roulette, Black Jack,Texas Hold Em Poker, TouchBet Roulette Terminals, Slot Machines, Viking Stud Poker 60 DKK entrance fee.


  • Odense Pilsner & Odense Classic from the local brewery Albani. (Available in shops & bars throughout the city.)

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