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Karlovy Vary is a city in Bohemia, in the western Czech Republic.

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Points of Interest in Karlovy Vary

  • Mill Colonade. Popular gathering place. Bands play here in the summer.
  • Hot Springs. There are 12 hot springs - you can get a list and descriptions at the Infocentrum.
    • Rock Spring - Skalni Pramen. Spurts 1.3 liters of water per minute.
    • Geyser Collonade - Vridlo. 6am-7pm. Spring that spurts 2000 liters of water per minute in a 14m jet. Free.
    • Lazne III. Beautiful spa building.
    • Lazne I. Beautiful spa building housing Franz Josef's baths.
  • Diana Lookout Tower. You can take the funicular railway or take a beautiful walk through the forest to get here. The funicular costs 36Kc, 60Kc return. Free.
  • Karl Marx Monument.
  • Church of St. Peter & St. Paul. Built in 1897. 5 golden domes and colorful exterior were modeled on the Byzantine Church of the Holy Trinity near Moscow. The interior of the church is decorated with paintings and icons, gifts of wealthy Russian aristocrates. One of the decorations is a relief representing Russian Tsar "Peter the Great".
  • Church of St. Lucas. Anglican church.
  • Karlovy Vary Museum, Nova Louka 23. 9am-12pm & 1pm-5pm Wed-Sun. Local history. Adult: 30Kc; Child: 15Kc.
  • Jan Becher Museum, Masaryka 57. 9am-5pm. Dedicated to the local inventor of Becherovka. Adult: 100Kc; Child: 50Kc.

Church of St. Mary Magdalene

Mill Colonnade

Elizabeth\'s Spa

Mattoni Mineral Water

Jan Becher Museum

Diana Lookout Tower

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About Karlovy Vary


Karlovy Vary, meaning "Charles' Bath" was named after Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, who founded the city in 1370. It is famous for its hot springs and its colorful and whimsical architecture. For these reasons, it was a popular tourist destination in the 18th century with guests including Tsar Peter the Great, Emperor Franz Josef I, Beethoven, Wagner, Brahms, Tolstoy, and Marx. Tourism grounded to a halt during World War I and the city never regained its former glory. After WWII, the largely German speaking city was cleared of its original inhabitants and replaced with Czech settlers. Czech remains the major language today but the signs of German culture and heritage are still very evident.

The town, along with Prague, was the filming location of many scenes identified as being in Montenegro in the 2006 movie Casino Royale.



  • Castle Spa - Zemecke Lazne. 7:30AM-7:30PM. Modern spa center. €20 for 1 hour, €80 for 4 hours including massage.
  • Open Air Thermal Pool, Bazen (on the cliff above Hotel Thermal). 8AM-8:30PM. Includes sauna and fitness club. 40Kc per hour.


  • Food Festival Karlovy Vary, in the front of the Thermal Hotel. 1st May.
  • Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Early July.
  • International Student Film Festival. Late august.
  • Karlovy Vary Folklore Festival. Early September.
  • Jazzfest Karlovy Vary. Early September.
  • Dvorak Autumn. September. Classical music.


  • Golf Resort Karlovy Vary, Pražská 219,  +420 353 331 001, fax: +420 353 331 001, e-mail: recepce@golfresort.cz. March-October. The course underwent a rapid renovation, which included the building of a new clubhouse, an irrigation system, and new tees. The Karlovy Vary golf course becomes one of the most prestigious European golf establishments.


Karlovy Vary is famous for its spa wafers. They come in various flavors and are best when warm. The wafers are sold at street stands in Karlovy Vary, and can also be purchased at grocery stores throughout the Czech Republic.

  • Bernard (steep small street opposite the end of the Mlynska Colonnade). Quite cheap, but quality is better than in the expensive restaurants. Rustic interior, small, nice Czech food and good beer. Also serves as a Jazz Club with live music.
  • Cafe Pizzeria Venetia, Zahradni 43,  +420 353 729 221. Looks out on the Tepla River. Pizza: 120Kc.
  • Jean De Carro. Very good and spacy interior, however dishes served are of a low quality, despite being high priced.
  • Parlament, Zeyerova 5. closed on Sun. Outdoor tables. Good food.
  • Steakhouse Sklipek, Zeyerova 1,  +420 353 229 197. Huge steak meals. Steaks: 180Kc.


Jan Becher invented the liquor that bears his name (Becherovka) in Karlovy Vary. However, it is an acquired taste.

Some establishments on the river charge twice the price of places 20m+ off the main drag so shop around for a place to drink.

  • Cafe Elephant, Stara Louka 30. Coffee and cake. Coffee: 45Kc.
  • Juice Bar Kokopelli, Bulharska 9. Juice & Smoothies: 20Kc-37Kc.
  • Kafe Brejk, Stara Louka 62. 9am-5pm. Design your own baguette. Coffee: 35Kc; Baguette: 50Kc.

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