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Villach is a town located in Carinthia in Austria. It has about 60,000 inhabitants.

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Points of Interest in Villach

  • Villacher Fahrzeugmuseum - has antiquities which are worth seeing.
  • Museum der Stadt Villach - if you are interested in the history of the town go there. The museum has a nice expo on minerals, mining and all kinds of Villacher History. Nice to visit for some background info on the town of Villach. Time to visit approx. 1 hour. Widmanngasse 38.
  • Landskron Castle - the remains of the old fortress of Landskron are on the top of a hill, 676 m high. A great part of the castle was destroyed by a fire in the 19th century, but some parts are still there and a few halls can be visited. There is also a restaurant, and every Tuesday evening there is a special "medieval" dinner served by waiters dressed in period costumes. The view from the castle is wonderful. From here you can see Villach and the valley of the river Drau with its lakes, and the Slovenian Alps on the other side of the valley.
  • Falconry in Landskron Castle - A section of the castle is now the home of several birds of prey. They can be seen in their cages, but even better is to see them fly, which is possible two or three times a day, according to the season and to the weather. The demonstrations last about 40 minutes, and the explanation on the birds and their behavior is in German only, but even those who cannot understand a word can enjoy watching eagles, hawks, kites, and owls fly just above their heads.
  • The bell tower of St Jakob - The church of St Jakob (the parish church of Villach) has an impressive bell tower, 94 metres high. It is the tallest in Carinthia and its present appearance and height dates back to 1847. Visitors can climb the 239 steps to the top and enjoy the wonderful view.
  • Krimmler Waterfall - On the border of Kärnten and Tirol is the Krimmler Waterfall, the largest of Austria. A magnificent roundtrip is to first take the Gross-Glockner hochalpenstrasse (pass) that brings you as well along the highest mountain of the country. From here towards the Zillertal and over the Gerloss-pass to the waterfall. Then back to Kärnten.
  • Thermen Resort - The heated pools of Villach. Here, there are slides, vortex pools, and hot tubs for you to enjoy. Or, you can relax on the chairs outside of the pool. There is a restaurant inside and a spa for a little extra cost. The regular entrance was 7.90 Euro and is good for 3 hours.
  • Museum of Doll Art - Collectors and doll lovers of dolls will be overwhelmed by this museum. They show porcellan, vinyl and wooden dolls made by famous artists. Some of these dolls are manufactured in the own studio. In the basement premises they exhibit all different kinds of craftswork like glass objects, pottery, flowers and certainly a great variety of special dolls. Vassacher Strasse 65.
  • Villacher Alpenstrasse - This almost 20 km alpine road takes you up to Dobratsch mountain and ends on 1.732 m. Who wants to visit the top still has a bit of climbing to do! The top of Mount Dobratsch is at 2.167 m high.

Villach Main Square

Congress Center Villach

Landskron Castle

Schiller Park

Kaernten Therme

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About Villach


Villach is the second-largest city of Carinthia. It is a railway gateway to most parts of Austria as well as the Italian border. In Austria Villach is well-known for its carnival which is broadcast on public television throughout Austria. Villach is quite an old city with roots back in Roman times (when the city was called Santicum).The city was heavily bombed in World War II destroying many parts of the city.


  • Maibacherl - located in Warmbad near Villach. A hot spring, which only appears in springtime. The water is hot enough for bathing and is very popular with the locals. Entry is free. Buses and trains operate from the main station to Warmbad on a regular base. The hot springs were already known to the ancient Romans. Take bus No.1 from main station to Warmbad and get off in Warmbad. From there it's only a 10min walk to the hot springs.
  • Hiking - Villach is surrounded by a number of mountains including the Dobratsch which offer many possibilities for hiking.
  • Cross-country skiing - Cross-country skiing is possible on Dobratsch and all major ski resorts around Villach.
  • ice-skating - Ice-skating is possible on Faakersee,Ossiachersee and Vassacher See though this depends heavily on the weather in winter whether lakes are frozen or not.
  • Villacher Kirchtag - Every year (usually the first week in august) the city celebrates Villacher Kirchtag with a big amusement park. The city can get very crowded in this week with as many as 50.000 visitors, especially from italy.
  • Jazz over Villach - a Jazz festival in the middle of July ocated on Gernottenhöhe in Judendorf .
  • Kanzianiberg is one of the best natural climbing walls in Austria. There are hundreds of colour-coded climbing routes at all levels, and on sunny days the vista is stunning. The maximum height difference is approx. 60 m. Kanzianiberg can be accessed by bus or bicycle (30 min from Villach) or car (15 min).
  • Alpe Adria Golf is one of the best 19 hole golf places in the area with stunning views from every hole. Located in Finkenstein, a merely 10 minute drive from Villach
  • Faakersee is said to be the lake featuring the cleanest water (drink water quality) in Europe. Tranquille area without those disturbing motorboats. There are some free beaches, but the better ones have to be paid for (usually no more than 4 euro). All beaches are nicely laid out with large grass fields. Getting to the Faakersee in the village of Faak is about 10 minutes away from Villach


  • Cafe Paragraf +43664 4827174. Peraustr.18, - has cheap menus around €5,50 from 11.30 to 14.00 o`clock. Outdoor restaurant area!
  • Brauhof Villach, Bahnhofsstrasse 8, Tel.242220 - has traditional Carinthian food and is run by the local brewery. Try the Kasnudln or the Bierführerbrot (dark bread piled with cold meats, cheese and radish).
  • Trastevere - Widmanngasse 30, Tel. 215665 - lovely interior, italian-style kitchen renowned for the fish. Great tomato soup and lasagna.
  • Kaufmann & Kaufmann,Dietrichsteingasse 5, Tel.25871 - Italian-style kitchen, it is recommended to book in advance.
  • Gasthof "Genottenhöhe", e-mail: Genottehöhe Straße 40, Tel.379 18 - serves traditional carinthian food and is located on a hill in Judendorf.
  • Pizza place Dobner" just outside the innercity has arguably the best pizza's in Carinthia (but also other Italian food). Very crowded place, so make sure to make a reservation in advance. In the summer they also open the terraces with fantastic panorama. Dobrovastrasse 3 - Villach Tel. +43 (0)4242 32251
  • Die Lange Mauer, Sankt Martinerstrasse 19 - great Chinese restaurant, wonderful selection of traditional Chinese drinks and unique desserts.


If you want to go out in the evening go for Hauptplatz and the numerous small avenues that start there. You'll find various small pubs and cafes such as

  • Brauhof Villach, Bahnhofsstrasse 8, Tel.242220 - has traditional Carinthian food and is run by the local brewery (behind the restaurant) and has a selection of very good beers. Highly recommended.
  • Turmstüberl Anton Tuder Straße 2, Tel.37875 - a small, atmospheric pub where the locals go. If you are travelling in a group you should book a table in advance.
  • Tostenwirt Lederergasse 25 - a nice place if you want to try the locally brewed Malzbier. (a special blend of beer). They serve meals as well.
  • Soho Bar Freihausgasse 13 - a cosy cocktail bar with a large amount of available cocktails.
  • Lücke - an athmospheric pub
  • Stern Kaiser Josef Platz 5 - a nice cocktail bar and restaurant
  • Flaschl Seilergasse 1 - a lively pub
  • Parkcafe Moritschstraße 2 - stylish cafe.
  • Koloini Konditorei Ossiacher Zeile 72 -
  • Stern Kaiser-Josef-Platz 5 -
  • Herr Vincent Kaffeehaus & Verkaufsshop 8. Mai Platz 3 - best coffee in town, to be enjoyed in a heartwarming bohemic atmosphere


If you want to go shopping stick to the Hauptplatz and the centre area of the city. A bit outside of Villach (along Mariagailerstrasse) you will find an area with many shopping malls. These malls are far apart, so it's better to go by car or bus there. Buses to Mariagailerstrasse go from the local Busbahnhof ( a bus terminal ) which is located a few minutes away from the central railway station. In 2007 a huge shopping centre (atrio) has been opened. It has about 80 shops!

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