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Durrës is an Albanian Adriatic port city. It serves ferries to Bari (Italy). Alternative spellings of the cities name are Durrazzo (Italian), Drač (Драч, Serbo-Croatian) or Dyrrhachion (Δυρράχιον, Greek).

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Points of Interest in Durres

  • Durres Amphitheater, the biggest in the Balkans it also features renovated iconography works.
  • Durres Ancient City Wall, Medieval Hammam and the Tophane Well located inside and around the wall.
  • Venetian Tower' (Rotonda) is a circular tower at the city center built in the 16th century.
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum, Popular Culture Museum, Alexander Moissi Museum House and the World War II Relics Hall.
  • Churches and mosques have been renovated and are located at the city center. These include: Fatih Mosque built in 1503, Shen Lucia Catholic Church built in 1907, Shen Gjergji Orthodox Church built in the 19th century, New Mosque built in 1937, and the 2001 built Shen Asti and Pali Orthodox Church.
  • Take a look at King Zog's Villa located on top of a hill overlooking the city. Even though it was looted in the 1997 uprising, it can still be appreciated for its luxurious interior and historical past. Prince Leka has plans to renovate the villa in the near future.
  • Shkembi or Petra Hill where a battle between Pompey and Julius Caesar is said to have taken place. Kavaja Rock (Shkembi i Kavajes) is a historic landmark in Golem where once caravans used to pass along the ancient Via Egnatia.
  • Shen Mehilli Hill (Kodra e Shen Mehillit) where on 18 October 1801, Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos confronted Norman adventurer Robert Guiscard. A basilica built in the 6th century AD with a beautiful mosaic is found here.
  • Byzantine Forum (Macellum) built in the 5th century AD and Public Baths around and beneath Alexander Moissi Palace of Culture
  • Koloseo Art Gallery, showcasing the best of Durres native painters.

Durres Amphitheatre

Durres Tower

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Popular events in Durres in the near future

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About Durres


  • Take a look at interesting films from around the world at the annual Durres International Film Summer Festival in early September.[9]
  • Visit the yearly Open Port Festival where the Port of Durres opens to the public featuring various exhibits of historic ships and modern inventions coupled with local entertainment.[10]
  • Go for an evening walk along the sea front promenade or along the beach where you can see men with bears on a leash or with snakes entwined around their necks!
  • Lalzit Bay Beach (Gjiri i Lalzit) in Shen Pjeter village north of Durres is a popular weekend retreat. A small resort can be found here. Other nearby beaches are Currilat, Bishti i Palles, and Kallmit Beach.
  • Visit Scanderbeg Castle, Ishem Castle and Shen Ndout Church near Lalzit Bay.
  • Take a dip in the Adriatic Sea water in the biggest sea side resort of Golem


  • Bar Restorant Kajser. Located near Kig Zog Villa, it offers a panoramic view of Durres from above. Serves delicious ice cream combinations including baked ice cream (400 leks), spaghetti, fish, and baked lamb.


  • On top of the Venetian Tower (Rotonda) there is a bar that offers a nice view of Durrës and its coastline.


  • Kokomani Wine
  • Souvernirs

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