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Negril is in Jamaica Negril is famous for its 7 miles of cool, white sand beaches and another 7 miles of 40' cliffs. One of the most beautiful towns in Jamaica, it has a more laid back atmosphere than that of Montego Bay and is more touristy than Ocho Rios. When you stay at a hotel on the beach you are literally on the beach when you walk out of the beachside of your hotel. You have probably never seen water this clear or warm. You will be amazed at how far out you can walk in the water before it gets up to your neck. The water is gentler and the sand is whiter(smaller grained aka softer) the farther down(away from town) you are. The end of the beach down by the all-inclusives is the whitest. (less...) (more...)

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  • Walk the Martha Bray River
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About Negril


Taking a snorkeling tour in one the glass bottom boats is highly recommended. Watch the famous Negril sunset, it is the sunset to remember .


  • Sugar Cane, Coconut Jelly/Meat, and Jerk Chicken.


  • Rick's Cafe is about the biggest tourist trap in which to view a gorgeous Negril sunset. Cliff diving is available from a sturdy concrete slab perched high atop the sea cliffs, higher than before. There, visitors can test their mettle or leave it to the professionals (note: people have been killed and seriously injured/maimed when cliff jumping - including the so-called 'professionals'). Just remember that if you watch the show, you're expected to tip the professionals.
  • Eddie's De Bar and Grill Jerk chicken plus all the traditional Jamaican dishes, goat, fish and lobster. The bar has great vibes, excellent music, nightly bonfire; truly a Jamaican yard. Just past The Rockhouse Hotel on the left.
  • The Rockhouse Hotel 876-957-4373. A beautifully set restaurant and hotel on the cliffs. They will collect you for free from your hotel and drive you there.
  • Three Dives Restaurant an eatery on the west end that is just past Xtabi Resort. Expect jerk chicken, pork, lobster and snapper - all locally sourced.
  • LTU Restaurant a locally-styled restaurant perched high on the edge of the cliff, just 200 yards from Ricks on the cliff road. The menu offers high quality and a wide range, including vegetarian, and there is a 'specials' board for fresh 'catch of the day' offerings such as Marlin, Kingfish and Mahi mahi.
  • Royal Kitchen a vegetarian/Ital restaurant on the west end past the M&L Market. $250 J gets you a great combo that usually consists of soy chunks, rice and peas, veggies, plus often stew or ackee.
  • Sweet Spice Restaurant 876-957-4621. Most locals will recommend the place and with good reason, the oxtail is great and the lobster is cheaper than at the beach.


  • Coconut Water - best straight off the tree, just cut open the coconut with a machete and drink (if you're picky, you can use a straw). You can also buy bottled coconut water basically anywhere on the island, but not as good as getting it fresh from the green coconuts. Good for your heart.
  • Rum Fruit Punch or *Red Stripe Beer are Jamaican concoctions. Guinness and Heineken can also be purchased pretty much anywhere that sells alcohol.

The SamSara Hotel also located in the west part of Negril (past the rock house) has a very nice buy one get one free happy hour from 4-7 every day!


  • Guinep Corner (West Land Mountain), West land Mountain Road (Just by the famous Guinep Trees),  1 876 8531815. early am till late. Local food at a local Jamaican bar, cooked & served by Jamaican couple Janice & Rasta Martell. From pieces of fresh fried fish and chicken to full breakfasts of Ackee & Saltfish or dinners of goat curry and other Jamaican dishes. Ambiance is truly Jamaica, with domino games, great music, Jamaica TV and wonderful street life. Very local, Jamaican street life at its best set in a really friendly community with strictly 'no harrassment' & total enjoyment. 400JMD.
  • The Jungle Night Club (876) 957-4005. A night club set on the main road which runs parallel to the 7 mile strip. Plays RnB/Rap/Reggae music. Note that this club is known for its Thursday nights (ladies night) when all ladies enter free. Very fun spot to be. Admission costs $700J (as of Aug 2010).


The tourist crafts market at the edge of town is a great place to pick up souvenirs and nick nacks. The sellers are willing to bargain especially if you want more than one thing. You can spend American dollars almost anywhere on the island. Most of the roadside stand sellers have a calculator and know the exchange rate. Although the roadside sellers are quite savy they can be honest to a fault when it comes to bargaining. If you want a better price you can get it. Just try to avoid upsetting the locals by killing their tourist tax.

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