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Sosua is located in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic. German Jews settled this little pueblo in the early 1940s. Many streets are named for Ashkenazic Jews. Sosua is now famous for being a top destination for the single male. The many nightclubs crammed into this small area is ideal for bar-hoppers and party goers. During the day, the Sosua Beach is the ideal destination for those looking to relax, swim, or sober up from a night of drunken debauchery. The residents are very friendly and are always willing to give a hand. (less...) (more...)

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Points of Interest in Sosua

Playa Sosua is the town's main beach. It is a fun, colorful and lively beach which is approximately one kilometer long, with a row of shacks along the back, selling food, drinks and souvenirs. At one end of the beach is the El Batey neighborhood, which was founded by a community of about 600 Jews exiled here from Eastern Europe during WWII. It contains the small synogogue, still occasionally used by Jews from the surrounding communities, as well as a small museum documenting the history of the Jewish community in Sosua, both set in a tidy tropical green lawn adjacent to Casa Marina Resort. The synogogue has services on Friday evenings about once per month - check with the museum whether there are services the week you are there. Batey no longer has an active Jewish community and is currently the tourist section of town, containing several all-inclusive resorts, as well as a number of smaller hotels and guest houses.

At the other end of the beach is Los Charamicos, which is the local's neighborhood and somewhat more run-down and lively than Batey. For an authentic cockfighting experience go to Club Gallistico, in Charamicos. It is along one of the main streets but you will have to ask for directions. Cockfights are on Saturday afternoons and sometimes on other days of the week. It is best not to venture alone into the alleyways of Charamicos as they are unsafe. The main streets should be OK.

The beach is very popular and offers the best local option for the snorkeling enthusiast - snorkelers should swim out to the reef that lies about 100m from the shore. A beach chair rental should cost about RD$60. Refuse to pay any more. Equipment can also be rented there. There are lots of gift shops where you will be quoted absolutely laughable prices. (60 dollars for T-shirts, 50 dollar tote bags 150-200 dollars for some cheap Haitian paintings.) Your bargaining skills will be needed. Tip: whatever they ask you, cut it at least in half, e.g., RD$500 pesos, you tell them RD$250.00 and start the process. You can probably even start at way below RD$250. You will come out ahead this way. My experience is that the target price for which the kiosk will ultimately settle is about half or slightly below half of the original asking price, but sometimes somewhat below that.

There are two other beaches in town. Playa Alicia is accessible from the On the Waterfront restaurant. This beach is quieter and more sterile than Playa Sosua, and is thus a good option for those who want to trade a bit of local color for a more relaxed experience. The town's third and smallest beach is accessible from the Sosua by the Sea hotel.

Playa Sosua

Mundo King Art Museum

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About Sosua


As in the other towns on the North Coast, tour operators offer numerous excursions to surrounding sites and nearby adventure activities at reasonable prices. These include whale watching (December to March), jeep tours, waterfalls and swimming holes, deep sea fishing, whitewater rafting, snorkeling, mountain biking, horseback riding, interesting beaches, as well as tours of Puerta Plata, Santiago, Santo Domingo and the border area of Haiti. Check with a tour operator near your hotel for available excursions. It is interesting that the range of tour options and the trips themselves are almost identical among the various tour operators.

  • Merlin Dive Center (at the entrace to Playa Sosua). Offers all of the standard diving fare, including snorkeling, beginner dives, advanced dives, etc. They are a highly professional outfit who will take you for pleasure dives or you can get qualified with them for a very reasonable price compared to the UK.


Sosua has a large number of restaurants and you can find authentic German Food, Italian Food, English fare, and of course, if you look for it, traditional Dominican cooking. Many Dominicans can cook food rivaling NYC restaurants on not much more than a hot plate and an open flame. Service time varies in between restaurants and in between different nights. Often the same restaurant will be very slow one night (coincidentally when the boss in not around) and excellent the next.

  • Britannia Pub, 13 Pedro Clisante. A great place for a few drinks and a delicious meal. Breakfast is of large portion and don't forget their famous fish and chips. Take heed of the specials which tend to be excellent. They also serve the coldest Presidente in Sosua and have one of the best happy hours in town. Wifi is available.
  • El Choco. German food located just outside of town on the main road.
  • Josef's Bar and Grill (located behind the Sosua-by-the-Sea Hotel). Th-Sa, 7PM until late. Located amidst perhaps the most impressive setting of any of Sosua's restaurants, this establishment has four tables set on a spit of land with waves crashing literally feet away. The food is prepared creatively with excellent presentation and an interesting mix of flavors. Note that there is a hotel restaurant located adjacent to this one, so be sure to make it clear that you want to eat at Josef's, otherwise the menu and vista will be significantly less impressive. One helpful tip: while the setting is romantic and inspiring, on nights when the sea is rough consider avoiding the last table located closest to the water. $15 - $40 per person.
  • Morua Mai (right across from P.J.'s). Great for fine dining, one of the top 3 restaurants in Sosua.
  • On the Waterfront. An upscale restaurant which has excellent food on a cliff overlooking the bay. The open-air setting is ideal for watching sunsets or romantic evenings. Happy hour is from 5-7PM. $20 - $45 per person.
  • P.J.'s. Sosua's version of a diner, large menu with adequate food, but nothing to rave about. 24 hour service is available during the high season.
  • Pica Pollo. The fried chicken at lunch is not to be missed and is quite affordable. Shouldn't cost more than 4 US-Dollars. Best served with fritos (fried bananas - taste like french fries) or aroz y habichuelas (rice and beans).
  • Rocky's. Provides a kind of hostel atmosphere with good food and very affordable prices, if you are unfamiliar with Sosua this is a good place to start. Try the ribs at Rocky's, served beginning at 5:00pm, and be patient. Enjoy a beer or two and strike up a conversation with a fellow tourist or expatriate while you wait. Rocky's breakfasts are large and satisfying, and every table is appointed with a fresh pot of coffee for you to enjoy. Wifi is available and computers are situated in the restaurant for you to check your email or surf the internet for a very small fee.
  • Tick Tack. Most restaurants open at 8AM, but for those looking for food at an earlier hour this German-run internet cafe has good coffee and an affordable plate of scrambled eggs.
  • Casanova's. Delightful beach front restaurant with varied menu, excellent service and free wireless internet access.
  • Jolly Roger Bar & Grill, 11 Pedro Clisante. Offers drinks, food, and a lively atmosphere. There is Bingo every Tuesday at 2pm, Darts on Friday nights, Thieves Market every other Saturday where you can find some great deals, and a Guest Chef night on Sundays for RD$ 250. They also have a good happy hour. Wifi is available.
  • Bologna Restaurant. the finest Italian restaurant and pizzeria in Sosua


Presidentes both grande and pequena, once virtually the sole choice besides rum drinks (due to the policy of the beer company providing refrigerators on loan) and Bohemia, are now being challenged by Brahma, another locally brewed beer (of Brazilian origin) as well as Quilmes (an Argentinian beer). Several of the bars now stock European and American beers at a premium price. Brugal, the local rum with its company headquarters on the eastern outskirts of Puerto Plata, will be placed in your rum drinks unless you have the savy to ask for the Barcelo (another local rum which is of far superior quality.) Mixed drinks tend to be rum based and cost more than beer but "when in Rome." Many of the restaurants and bars have a happy hour from 4-7PM which is often 2-1 drinks.

On the beach, there is an endless array of restaurants (along with the souvenir shops stuffed with the same goods)which serve drinks and each small swath of beach has a different person who provides concierge service for a modest fee ($0.30 USD per drink). As one leaves the beach there are a number of expatriate bars and restaurants clustered towards the end of Pedro Clisante closest to the beach. The Checkpoint Pub is popular during the Day. The Brittania restaurant has an excellent Happy Hour and Rudy's has a weekly Karaoke night. There is a substantive international community who frequents these establishments which lends a cosmopolitan feel to this end of Town. As one heads away from this expatriate area, Pedro Clisante is dominated by discos and bars which are companionship friendly. This end of town rather than being reminiscent of San Sebastian in Spain harkens to the nightlife of Manila. The Club Classico is the fountainhead of Sosua nightlife with the burgeoning Sosua Life just a few blocks away. Sosua is a friendly Town, prices and ambiance vary greatly within the Town.

  • Casanova's. Excellent food and beautiful setting as a beach front restaurant. Service is excellent, located in Cabarete beach.
  • Gaudi Tapas Bar, Pedro Clisante #12. Spanish restaurant serving a wide variety of tapas, drinks and fine food. Located in the Village Square plaza where years ago operated the famous Casablanca bar.


Most of the souvenir shops sell the same ubiquitous Latin American fare. Sosua also has a large number of Haitian paintings for sale. Many of these oil paintings are the same in each shop. Occasionally some good quality artwork can be found.

Cigars of course are popular but prices vary. Never buy cigars at souvenir stores or stands on the beach or the beach vendors. These are always fakes! Cuban cigars may be purchased but beware that many of the Cuban name brands also have Dominican manufacture, though the quality is said to rival that of Cuban ones.

Authentic leather goods are not available in any tourist oriented shop or beach shack in Sosua. Imitation leather is the rule of the day. Authentic leather goods are better found in Santo Domingo.

If you head away from the beach to the main road there is a large supermarket where the prices are a lot cheaper.

  • Superior Dive Sosua (Beach Level Sosua Bay Hotel), Alejo Martinez #1,  809-571-1108. 8am-5pm. Superior Dive Sosua is the only dive shop on Sosua Bay. They offer PADI dive instruction from beginning to professional. Run by Americans so it is english friendly. Snorkel and dive trips are offered daily.

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