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Jeju City is the largest and capital city of Jeju Special Autonomous Province, South Korea.

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Points of Interest in Jeju

  • Yongduam Rock and Yongyeon Pond, Yongdam (Take the #36, #37, #63, #300 or #500 to Yongdam Junction and walk, or just wander over from downtown or Tapdong.). A large piece of volcanic rock said to be the solidified remains of Yimugi, a water dragon. Whilst the legends behind just how he got himself turned to stone in that position vary, it hasn't diminshed his influence, as the surrounding suburb is called Yongdam by extension: literally "Dragon's Head Rock". Just about 100m to the east one can find the lesser known, but probably prettier Yongyeon Pond, a picturesque canyon straddling a pleasantly turquoise pond with a pavillion perched overhead. Again, a dragon features heavily in the legendary history of this site, but simply that it visited. A festival is held here in May. If all this talk of dragons is making you want to sit on a horse for some reason, then there is an old guy out the front who aggressively and inexplicably offers this service for a fee. Both sites are lit up spectacularly at night. Free.
  • Jeju Wooden Government Offices (Jeju mokkwana (제주목엣관아)) (In downtown, follow the signs to the wooden gate),  064-728-8665. A comparably nice set of historical buildings in central downtown Jeju City. What's unusual is the existence of a nicely landscaped square pond in the complex, and its tumultuous history of getting built in lieu of a well, destroyed due to an irrational hatred of noisy frogs and ultimately rebuilt. 1500 won.

Hamdeok Beach

Hyeopjae Beach

Jeju Teddy Bear Museum

Iho Beach

Hallasan National Park

Folklore and Natural History Museum

Haenyeo Museum

Manjanggul Lava-tube Cave

Hallim Park

Gimnyeong Maze

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About Jeju


Predominantly the administrative and population capital of Jeju island, Jeju City is also likely the first and final stop for tourists, playing host to Jeju International Airport as well as the major domestic ferry terminal.

The city is fairly large yet compact, located on the north side of the island and sandwiched between Mt Halla and the coast.


  • Halla Arboretum (Halla sumokwon(한라수목원)) (Take the #63 or #300 up to the carpark, or walk up the hill from Shin-jeju. Alternately, there is a rear entrance up the hill south of KC TV in the carpark of the Korean Military HQ.). Take a stroll through some botanical gardens. This is actually one of the nicest arboretums in all of South Korea, as it is both well-established and located up on the lower flanks of Mt Halla at the back of Jeju city. The gardens wind themselves over the foothills, giving tantalising views of the coast and Mt Halla through the trees. The ~2km walk from the arboretum to the rear entrance at the military complex is also pleasant and follows the southern limits of Jeju City through a rather atmospheric pine forest. Free.


Being a seaside town, there are many great seafood restaurants available, so just take your pick.



Opposite Hotel Impress there is a row of seafood restaurants. The one closest to the sea has very friendly staff and serves a great meal.

  • Modu-modu (모두모두), Jeju-si (Just up the hill and on the right from KCTV, if you reach the military HQ you've gone too far.),  064-744-5555. A rather large and upmarket Korean restaurant. The restaurant is built in the oddball "mushroom" style with outdoor dining in summer. The food (and the interior design alike) is a modern fusion of Chinese and Korea styles. Mostly serves large expensive group dining platters and course meals, but has an extensive lunch special range for under 10,000 won. Featured in a 2010 SBS K-drama.



Dongmun markets, some utterly humongous traditional markets exist in Jungangno. As expected, they sell a lot of fish. Furthermore, modern, Western styled shopping can be found in the underground mall out on the main road.

Department stores such as Lotte and E-Mart exist in Shin-Jeju.

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