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Sfax is on the east coast of Tunisia, approximately midway on the highway between Tunis and the border with Libya.

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Points of Interest in Sfax

  • Archaeological Museum, City Hall (Baladiya) (Avenue Habib Bourguiba). 8:30-1pm, 3-6pm. The ground floor of the City Hall hosts an impressive collection of mosaics from the region, in particular the Roman towns of Taparura (where Sfax now is) and Thaenae (now Thyna, 11km west of Sfax). 3 TND.
  • Kasbah (Southwest corner of the Medina). The kasbah was a military garrison before and during the French Protectorate (1881-1956). The French influence (buildings, etc.) has been removed and the Kasbah now hosts rooms of displays relating the the industry for which Sfax is famous; construction, metalwork and the famous Bourj and Djenes of Sfax all have their own rooms. Additionally there is a display of religious architecture and some documents in another room, with an underground mosque area also worth a vist. Definitely a HIGHlight is the view from the top of either of the towers that form part of the Kasbah. 3 TND.
  • Dar Djellouli (See map for location.). The Djellouli family has provided Sfax with a number of its governors over the years, particularly during the 1700s and 1800s. Dar Djellouli is also referred to as the Governor's Mansion, and is an example of traditional Medina architecture. It is built around a courtyard that is open to the sky, with two floors of balconies on four sides looking down on it. The rooms open onto these balconies, and house cultural items from the 1800s and even earlier. Costumes from the period can be viewed, as well as examples of cooking, calligraphy, embroidery, perfume distillation and furniture. 3 TND.
  • Filming locations for The English Patient, Blacksmith's Souk (Souq des Forgerons) (inside the Medina, near Bab Jebli). Inside this souk is where Almasy gave Katherine a silver thimble of saffron. It no longer houses the blacksmiths, and as of Spring '09 is being remodeled around retail. See here for more Tunisian film locations.

Stade Taieb M\'hiri

Kerkennah Islands

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About Sfax


Wander around the fascinating Medina (which has an easily mastered and logical layout) where life and business go on much as they have for years and where tourists, although welcome, are few and far between.

Ride to Kerkenna on the ferry, with 8 trips a day costing about 800 millimes each way. In Kerkenna, get a taxi to the Hotel Cercina where you can walk the beach, or sit on their patio and enjoy tea looking over the bay. Check the times of the ferry's return, and make sure you get a taxi back in time! From the Grand Hotel you an also walk the beach, with your destination, the old Bourj, visible in the distance. About 1.5km each way, so give yourselves time to enjoy it. The Roman ruins beside the Bourj are opened to public as well.


  • La perla.
  • Le Corail.
  • Ciao Ciao.
  • mechmecha.


  • Café Diwan (Built into the Medina ramparts between Bab Diwan and Bab Kasbah). The Tea House is just inside Bab Diwan is one of the best places to sit back and relax in friendly and comfortable surroundings. Cafe Diwan is located in the wall, literally, between Bab Diwan and Bab Kasbah, so it can be reached from either side. The stairs from the street will take you into the main room, but the roof is the place to sit and enjoy the view. Thé with pine nuts (‘pignons) or Café Turc (Turkish coffee) can be enjoyed there, as well as the regular offerings. Cafe Diwan was a fort, Bourj Al Resace, until the arrival of the French in 1881. On the roof you will notice a circular wall, about waist height. This wall was the foundation of a water tower in the late 1800s. On your way out, slip into the circular room with the dome-shaped roof that supported the water tank, and listen to the reverberation as you speak. (Note: pay for you drinks as you leave, and consider leaving your change as a tip.)
  • Café Terrasse (located in Zephyr building). It's a good Salon de thé.
  • My House.


You can find a lot of shops in downtown area.

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