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Bizerte is in Tunisia. Located on the north coast approx. 100km from Tunis.

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Points of Interest in Bizerte

  • Spanish Fort (Forta Espanie or something roughly similar sounding...) (Top of the hill to the north of town. Just walk north up from the west wall of the Kasba, and follow the wall.). See some nice old stonework, antique cannons and enjoy sweeping views of Bizerte at this historic fort. Free.
  • Kasba (Kasbah, Casbah) (North of the harbour/canal, entry from the west.). Wander around and through the Kasba, or old Arab quarter, to get a feel for times passed. With its imposing walls offering a decidedly military appearance, the inside space is remarkably quiet and simply houses a warren of rather-vertical homes and a mosque. Free.
  • 'Oceanographic Museum (The Acquarium, or Musee Oceanographique in French), South of the bridge over the canal, just east of the Kasba (If crossing the bridge from the Kasba, take the stairs down to your right immediately after crossing, then take your first right.). Definitely worth checking out, this museum includes both historical maps of town (about the entrance way), and a large number of old photographs - many apparently culled from postcards. The squeamish and animal lovers may wish to boycott however, as there are a large number of imprisoned animals and fish about the place, which does not compare favourably in the acquarium department to the equivalent Musee Oceanographique in Carthage, Tunis. The roof space, which apparently used to house a cafe, had been closed in December 2010 but may be open during peak season (summer). 1TD.

Stade du 15 Octobre

Bizerte Beach

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About Bizerte


  • Wander the beach (Walk north of the Kasba, then down to the beach through the hinterland). Pick your way amongst the sand and lagoons, dodging amorous couples, fishermen, grazing cattle, and stray dogs. Scenic vistas at sunrise! Free.


  • Phoenician Restaurant, Bizerte Harbour (It's the enormous boat that's moored at the south of the main harbour, near the markets). Dinner served until at least 9PM. An amazing, mock-Phoenician timber boat that functions as a restaurant. Gilt with copper art and sculpture inside, the service is attentive and the French-only menu relatively extensive, offering a remarkable range of seafood as well as salads, steak, lamb, etc. Though it lacks a wine menu, the Tunisian house red is good. Around 40TD for a two course meal and a bottle of wine..


Some of the restaurants (Phoenician Restaurant, etc.) offer wine or beer. Other venues include:

  • Hypo Bar (Ground floor of the Bizerte Resort). Pretty empty and dull as a venue, but some takers even during off season.


  • Market district (West of the harbour). Best in the morning. A warren of markets extends from along the western edge of the harbour to the north, and thence further west. Near the harbour is mostly food, whereas westerly dominions cater more towards the daily use and clothing domains. Don't expect to find too much uniquely Tunisian here, the majority of goods are imported and of Chinese manufacture, but the lively street scenes and their characters are definitely an experience to wander through.

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