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Located in Central Tanzania, Dodoma is the official political capital of Tanzania.

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Points of Interest in Dodoma

  • Bunge (on the road to Dar Es Salaam). The new earthquake-proof Parliament buildings are a must, although access may be restricted. The building may only be photographed with permission from Dar Es Salaam, so consider photography forbidden.
  • Ismaili Mosque (next to the central roundabout).

Dodoma Cathedral

Simba Hill

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About Dodoma


In 1973, Dodoma was designated as the new political capital of Tanzania. New Parliament buildings were erected and plans were drafted to shift all government Ministry offices to Dodoma by the early 1980's. However, due to limited water supplies and other environmental factors, this proved impossible and the plan was all but forgotten. Most ministries and all embassies are still in Dar Es Salaam. Although Dodoma retains the title of capital city of Tanzania, government officials only travel to Dodoma for a few weeks each June when the government is in session.


  • Lion Rock. Hike the Lion Rock (also called Simba Hill) in the north of the city to have a nice view of the surrounding. However, do it in a group of at least 4 people as there have been reports of muggings.
  • Excursions. On request, Dodoma Travel Cafe offers Trekking and Excursions.
  • Swimming Pool. There are two places with a swimming pool: The New Dodoma Hotel, (4.000 TSH for non-guests), and Climax Club, near the prison, where you can buy food, watch TV, and spend the day.
  • Gym. The New Dodoma hotel also has a gym, 7-9 and 17-19, closed Sundays, 4.000 TSH for non-guests.


New Dodoma Hotel has excellent European, Tanzanian, and Asian food. There is also a Chinese restaurant of excellent quality (the owners are Chinese). Meals begin around 3000/= at the snack bar and go up to 12,000/=. Drinks are unreasonably expensive, at 2,000/= for a Kilimanjaro domestic beer.

VETA has good food, when they eventually bring it to you, but choice can be limited unless you are there during Parliament sessions. Prices are reasonable.

Nam Hotel also has excellent food, at reasonable prices. It's on the other side of the airfield.

Aladin's Cave Market Street near Victory Bookshop, good milk shakes, home made ice cream, yoghurt, Pizza and Burgers. Opening hours 9.30-13.00 and 15.00-18.00.

Roses's Cafe next to Cana Lodge, good and cheap Indian food (from 2.000 TSH, Thali 5.000 TSH), popular with expats, mon-sat 8-16 & 18-22.

Leone l'Africano Area C north of the airfield, great original Italian Pizza and pasta in very atmospheric setting, playground for kids. midget golf. Closed on Mondays. Once in the two weeks at Wednesday there is movie night (see:

There are two great places for ordering traditional grilled pork (kiti moto). One is down the road from VETA at the highway junction. A kilo of meat with kachumbari salad will cost about 2500/=. The other is on the other side of the air field at Jacana Park. Prices comparable. If you are fond of animals, hold your ears when they slaughter the pig.

There are also more atmospheric places, fresh and tasty on the Uhindini Road, across from Victory Bookshop, at reasonable prices.

  • Acacia Bar and Restaurant, PO Box 1521 (7.5 Km from Airport roundabout on Arusha Road),  +255 718 667 676. 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Acacia Bar and Restaurant is located at Twiga Hotel in Miyuji - 7.5 kms from Dodoma town. The restaurant serves local cuisine such as chips mayai and nyama choma as well as wonderful dishes of lamb, beef, fish, chicken, pork and many others. 3,000-8,000.


NK Disco operates on Friday nights and is popular with the younger set. A nice place to have a quiet drink and watch TV is at VETA.


  • Shabibi Supermarket (coming from the centre, the second roundabout on the road to Dar). Small supermarket on the second floor of the Shabibi gas station.
  • Yashna's Supermarket (At the Gapco gas station near the central roundabout). The biggest shop in the Centre (that does not mean much) with pasta, canned vegetables, chocolates, biscuits, frozen cheese, ground coffee and some cosmetics.
  • Two Sisters, Hatibu Avenue (near the central roundabout in the pink zain building). Cheese, dark bread rolls (sometimes), homemade delicious yoghurt, frozen foods, canned goods, pasta, wine,chocolates, candies, crisps, indian snacks and very friendly owners.

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