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Rabat (الرباط) literally "Fortified Place" is the capital city of Morocco. The city is located on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of the river Bou Regreg. On the facing shore of the river lies Salé, Rabat's bedroom community. Together with Temara the cities account for a combined metropolitan population of 2.6 million. It is an easy going city by Moroccan standards.

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Points of Interest in Rabat

  • Kasbah of the Oudaias
  • Hassan Tower and the Royal Mausoleum
  • Old Medina
  • Chellah - old city founded by Carthaginians, conquered by Romans and later passed under Arab rule, just to be abandoned and settled again by unbelievable numbers of birds. This breeding ground bubbles with bird life in spring, including stork nest on the top of old minaret. Also, historical layers are visible, with outstanding Roman and Moroccan parts. You can walk there from centre-ville, but it's a long walk. Admission is 10 MAD and it's open until 5:30 PM.
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Bank Al Maghrib Museum
  • The Beach
  • Royal Palace: It's pretty huge, you can't really visit it (but it's a nice walk !), the armed guards might allow you walk from one entrance to another especially if you look like a tourist.

Andalusian Garden

Hassan Tower

Oudaya Museum

Oudaia Gate

Grand Mosque

Mosque and Mausoleum of Mohammed V


Royal Palace

Rabat Archaeological Museum

Stade Moulay Abdellah

Royal Golf Dar Es Salam

Royal Moroccan Federation for Equestrian Sports Dar Essalam

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About Rabat


There are many things to do here, as with most Moroccan cities it is enough just to wander around and adventure where something takes your fancy.

There is also a large and tranquil park next to the Hotel Sofitel, where people run and play football etc. You can also use the pool at the Sofitel for a charge. The park is a 10-15 Dirham taxi ride (10 minutes) from la gare central.

  • Théatre Mohammed V. Theatre in Downtown Rabat, nothing absolutely outstanding but there are performances each month.
  • Jazz au Chellah is a jazz festival organized each year in June by the ministry of culture, the city and the European delegation. The website might have some issues.
  • Mawazine is a festival of world music that takes place annually in Rabat featuring Arab, African and international music icons during May. It is controversial as some of the country's Muslim politicians have criticised the event for "encouraging immoral behaviour". Artists such as Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, Elton John or B.B. King have performed at Mawazine. There are various scenes around the city.
  • Royal Golf Dar es Salaam The domain is spread over 440 hectares of trees, flowers, and water. If you have enough money, a car and are desperately looking for a quiet area to walk around or to play golf you will like it.


In a restaurant add a 5-10% tip to the bill if you are satisfied with the service.

In the Kasbah (Oudaia) there is an amazing cafe that looks over the sea, where you can drink mint tea and eat sugary treats. The staff are very friendly and you can stay as long as you like soaking up the atmosphere.

  • Patisserie La Comedie on Mohammad V. Fancy pastries. Croissants, 4 dh. Ice cream, 6 dh per scoop.
  • Cafe 7eme Art next to the movie theater. Has fake movie posters with meals as the stars. Light lunches, popular with business people and the more well-off. Miniature models of local scenes surround the outdoor patio. Pizzas, 35 to 40 dh, bland and tough. Friendly staff, stray cats beg for food.
  • Le Majestic
  • Ty Potes
  • Cafe Weimar
  • Sarl le P'tit Resto 2 Rue Arryad, 05 37 20 38 47: Cafe and sandwich shop with lunch specials and desserts. 35 dh for a sandwich.
  • Pizza Hut, 05 37 68 13 00 for the Agdal neighborhood, 05 37 63 02 00 for the one in Souissi.
  • Villa Mandarine Quite expensive, considered as one of the best restaurants in the city
  • Le Petit Beur/Dar Tagine Delicious bstilla. Intimate setting.
  • El Rancho Tex-Mex restaurant. Good food and one of the few places where you can get a decent beer.
  • Mega Mall Food Court Free Wifi Hotspot
  • Pizza de Gourmet
  • Paul's Traditional French bakery that serves as a restaurant. Can be quite pricy, but the food is magnificent. Worth a visit for their Olive bread.
  • La Mamma. One of the oldest pizzerias in town.
  • Ya Mal Al-Sham (Syrian restaurant)
  • Matsuri
  • Dar Naji
  • Le Grand Comptoir

If you find yourself in Agdal, try the brochettes at 'Sucre et Sale'.

  • Old Medina: In the centre there are often inexpensive food stalls around the medina, serving delicious fish and salad sandwiches. Especially found right around the perimeter of the Marche Centrale, these places also serve fresh and simple salads, hot bowls of lubia (beans) or lentils, rotisserie chicken, and home-made tagines. There are also lots of stalls selling pancakes and pain au chocolat.


  •    Amnesia, 18, Rue Monastir. If you like clubbing then dress up, this is the hippest club in Rabat.
  •    Upstairs, 8, Avenue Michlifen. Irish/ English theme pub in Agdal. Women will feel comfortable here as it's not men-only. The food is typical pub-grub, with some vegetarian options. A pint costs 50 dirhams. Live music is on every now and then.
  • Café Weimar.
  • Le Bistrot Pietri, Place Pietri. Located on the first place of Hotel Urban Pietry. It's a quite modern chic restaurant and bar. On Tuesday and Friday night, there are live jazz performance and on Saturdays, rock'en roll. A cup of house beer costs about 38 Dhs and a glass of house wine, about 50 Dhs. It's usually packed on weekends. To get a table, resevation is required.
  • El Rancho (In Agdal).
  • El Palatino.
  • Ty Potes.
  • Las Tapas.
  • Le Deux Palais (Between Sofitel and Interior Ministry). 31 dh drafts and 17 dh small beers. Good food and the perfect place to watch a football match, both inside or on the patio. Food is pretty good as well, 10 dh for a plate for fries.


  • Rue des Consuls an interesting place to wander. This street is so named because foreign diplomats were required to reside here in the seventeenth century until 1912. At that time the main activity of the area was piracy and taking slaves, who were then auctioned. Under a treaty with the Sultan, they were to be redeemed by diplomats from their countries who then had a budget for such purchases. For convenience, these diplomats were thus a few tens of meters from the place of "negotiation". This street was already very active one of the few to be paved. Louis Chenier, the father of the poet Andre Chenier was there representing the King of France from 1768 to 1781. Trading in the redemption of captives was his main activity and he excelled so much that even the Sultan, exhausted, sent him back to France by military force. From the Rue des Consuls, opens a number of alleys housing small shops, enabling craftsmen to maintain their expertise and their art, in often difficult circumstances.
  • Although the medina here is not as extensive as that of Fez or Marrakesh there are still some bargains to be had. You will find the normal array of baboshka shoes, baggy pants, ornate mirrors and plates etc.! Interestingly all the Moroccans can be found in the section of the market that sells imported western style clothing from Asia and all the tourists can be found in the 'traditional' section. The lovely woolen paunchos are well worth a look and the carpet shops near the end of the medina are also very nice.
  • MegaMall : One modern mall with shops and a food court

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