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Lilongwe is the capital of Malawi.

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Points of Interest in Lilongwe

Lilongwe wildlife centre: on the opposite side of the road to the old nature sanctuary. Its back down towards old town by the bridge over the river, look out for the sign. Its a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation centre that provides excellent tours of the centre and its wilderness zone, a wide range of wildlife and good value for money. Volunteer opportunities are available [2].

At Kumbali Cultural Centre [tel: 0999-933-252] see the traditional Malawian dancing and traditional Malawian drumming. Includes live acoustic Malawian music and traditional Malawian dinner.

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About Lilongwe


The capital of Malawi, Lilongwe has a population of circa 902,388. It's a very green city, to the extent that sometimes you wonder if there is a city centre at all as buildings in the new town at least are divided by patches of grassy land and trees.


Lilongwe is divided into the Old Town (to the South) and the New Town (to the North) with the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary between the two. The Old Town is built around the former village of Lilongwe, while the New Town (also called City Centre or Capital City) sprung up after first president Dr. Hastings Banda moved the capital from Zomba to Lilongwe. The quality of the roads is excellent compared to countries like Kenya and traffic doesn't tend to be too much of a problem at all.


  • Golf Lessons, Lilongwe Golf Club. Best place to learn golf, very cheap compared to western prices with an excellent 18 hole course. Challenging for even pros.



There are many local cafes, especially in Area 2, serving cheap meals such as rice/chicken/nsmia/beef.

Shoprite and Spar also have deli counters with hot food, sandwiches and a bakery.

  • Sana Opposite Diplomats pub, sells meals such as curry, pizza, burgers, etc. Good quality for price.
  • Chicken Inn Next to Shoprite. Like KFC and suprisingly very good quality. Good chips, and sells ice cream.


  • Bohemia Cafe, along the road from Don Brioni's. Open for breakfast and lunch. Light meals (breakfast, toasted sandwiches, baked potato, quiche), fresh fruit juice, very good tea and coffee and great cakes. About $5 for for a sandwich, a cup of tea and a cake.
  • Korea Garden Lodge, 5 minutes walk from Mabuya Camp, Mufusa Lodge or old town. Hotel serving Korean food in the restaurant. Mixed reviews. Around USD30 for a double with shared bathroom, USD55 for one with ensuite (July 2013). The wifi they give you is very slow. At this moment it's better to use the KGL-ZyXEL network with WPA-code: kglogde1 (yes, with the typo).
  • Kiboko Town Restaurant, Newly reopened with new design, menu and bar. A very good, reasonably priced place to eat. Play area for the children and good bar too. Regular live acoustic music is played here too. Good place to interact with guests and meet local expats.
  • Four Seasons, in new town, is a lovely set of restaurants and small shops set in beautifully kept gardens. An excellent Indian restaurant called Blue Ginger with prices ranging from around 1500-2200 kwacha for curries, there is also another restaurant offering pastas, salads and steaks all reasonably priced. You'll probably need to drive, its located just near the Capital Sunbird Hotel in the Government District. But well worth the trip - there's also a great bar serving some lethal cocktails!
  • Spur, Newly opened South African chain restaurant. Sells steaks, burgers etc. Sells good ice cream, milkshakes and soda floats too! Muslim run - so no pork is served.
  • Chilli Peppers, An Italian/Mexican themed restaurant up the road past Sunbird Lilongwe in Old Town. Very good place, about MK1500-2000 for a main meal. Nachos, fajita's and the pizza's are all good dishes. Pasta and meat dishes not their speciality, but they do it well.
  • Game complex, Behind the Galito's, Creamy Inn and Pizza Inn complex is Papaya. A nice day time cafe with milkshakes, smoothies and tea/coffee. Sells nachos, wraps and other light bites.
  • Crossroads complex, Here there is the South African fast food chain Steers (burgers, chips) and Pizza Inn. There's also Cappucino's - a good small cafe offering day time meals and good breakfasts. Plenty of tea, coffee and iced coffee too.
  • Country Lodge, 5 minute drive. From Mabuya Camp. Offers very good Indian and Chinese food. You can also ring up, place and order and have a takeaway (picking it up yourself mind you).
  • Noble China, On the first turn off after Sunbird Lilongwe in Old Town. Sells good quality Chinese food. Idea is to order different meals and share - the centre of the table rotates around in order to easily swap dishes around.


  • Mamma Mia, Old Town Mall. Lilongwe's fanciest Italian restaurant, much favored by the expat community so reservations strongly advised on weekends. Real Italian pizza, pasta and more, but expect to pay over K2000/head (US$20) for a full meal with a glass of wine, and food quality is a little uneven.
  • Don Brioni's Bistro, next to the Old Town post office. Serving pizza, pasta, steaks and daily specials. Good food in generous quantities. $10 for a main dish.
  • Blue Ginger, situated within Pacific Parade shopping complex, Area 10. Considered the best Indian in Lilongwe.
  • Game complex, Next to Game there's South African chains off Galito's (similar to Nando's), Creamy Inn (ice cream, milkshakes, waffles etc.) and Pizza Inn (with buy one get one free on Tuesday's). All located in the same building. Merely a splurge because it's hard to resist the lure of an ice cream or milkshake after your meal. Around MK2000-2500 per person, Galito's being the cheapest.

If you're not feeling eating out, there's also a pizza delivery service run from Debonairs at Crossroads. 0991630464/0993810397. Between MK900 for small to MK2400 for large pizzas. Also offer hot subs. Minimum delivery is normally MK4400.


Drinking is a lot of locals favourite past times, most are friendly however girls should be wary of over-protective Malawian men!

The only beer brewed in Malawi (bar Chibuku - a grainy, sand like beer coming in cartons!) is Carlsberg. Carlsberg is very local (brewed in Blantyre) and comes either normal (known as a 'Green') or Special Brew, Classic, Stout, Elephant or Light. You can also buy 'Kuche Kuche' - still brewed by Carlsberg but coming in a bigger bottle, less percentage and aimed more for tourists. Glass bottles come in a deposit form in Malawi (so expect to pay MK25 extra per bottle, unless you return some). It is possible to buy other beers in certain bars and clubs - for example Castle, Carling Black Label, Kronenbourg and Heinekin. However these are more expensive. Ciders and wines also are available but are imported and more expensive.

Malawi also has it's own spirits - notably Malawi Vodka, Malawi Gin (suprisingly this is very good quality gin!), Malawi Rum, Gold Label Brandy or the upmarket Premium Brandy and the cane spirit Powers. These are all cheap spirits per bottle, Powers and Gold Label Brandy normally MK600 a bottle. Mixing with the sugary, very tasty Fanta always works and you see many locals doing this! The Vodka, Gin and Powers can also all be bought in 30ml sachet forms.

Harry's Bar, in the old town, is a good place to have a drink and a burger during the day or to slam Malawi gin and tonic with an energetic local and expat crowd on weekend nights. More of a pre-drink place.

  • Diplomats Pub, (in old town), +265 8553492. Offers good music and cold beers, also a braai (South African word for B-B-Q, pronounced "brr-eye") outside at weekends. Opens 5PM till 2am. Great entertainment for the weekend and during the week when no other pubs are open. Popular with locals and expats. Good set of pool tables too (MK100 a token) - winner stays on! Also check out Inferno sports bar, situated behind Diplomats.
  • Alexsander's Bar Around 10 minutes from the downtown by Taxi. This bar used to be the hangout place of the Lilongwe white collar's and expatriates. The bar lies in the ground floor of a building that owned by a Malawi born westerner. This place can be a choice if you want to avoid the crowd and relax.
  • Chez Ntemba International Nightclub, Area 47 (Behind Total Petrol Station). The locals place to be on Fridays and Saturdays. Not the best looked after place in town but guaranteed good music and excellent atmosphere. If the dance floor gets too much there is always the open air area outside where you are always bound to end up talking to a few locals and expats - there's a Braii there too. Entry fee MK500 at weekends. Only place open late on weekdays too - in the smaller side on bar.
  • Lonely Planet/Oasis (Casino), Off Chilambula Road. Recently reopened under Lonely Planet. Not the most popular place now, still holds the famous 'Lollipop' club night every couple of months. Serves food at night too.
  • Chameleon Bar (Four Seasons), Presidential Way. Chameleon's is a Mzungu (White) owned bar in Lilongwe, run by a Scotsman. You will find more white expatriates in this place. The atmosphere is not very African but you can always guarantee an excellent atmosphere during the week to wind down with a cold green. Drinks and food are available. Friday nights and Sunday afternoons are the busiest time. Don't miss the live Jazz Jam sessions every Sunday afternoon.
  • Zanzibar Nightclub, Known locally as 'Zanzi'. The major nightclub in Lilongwe. Packed every Friday and Saturday night. Normally MK500 entry however this can raise on special events such as music concerts (have featured artists such as the Black Missionnaries and Naeto C.) Be very wary of money, wallets, bags and cameras in this place - lots of pick pocketing has been reported.
  • The Shack, The place to be on Wednesday nights with lots of locals and expats coming every week. Busy only on Wednesdays, free entry too. If you come early (6pm +) you can watch the weekly volleyball league teams play. You can even join one if you get talking. Good place but dies down about 2am. Very sociable place to be.


  • Old Town Mall. Off Chilambula on the left just as you're driving away from the Lilongwe Sunbird. Catering mostly to the tourist, expat, and wealthy Malawian community, Old Town Mall offers two art and craft galleries, a DVD rental shop, grocery store catering - lightly - to expat tastes with imported food and wine and a book store. Serendipity Cafe and Mamma Mia's Italian Restaurant (see below) are located here as well.
  • Crossroads Complex, Mchinji Roundabout. With a couple of decent gift shops, a post office, a petrol station, pharmacy, an Indian grocery, ATMs and a couple of fast food joints - South African brands Steers (burgers) and Pizza Inn. Cappucino's coffee shop and cafe is here too - with good breakfast and lunch and iced coffee.
  • 7-Eleven. No relation to the American outfit, this is just a popular supermarket (complete with in-house butchery and bakery) that stocks a wide range of products local and imported.
  • Shoprite. South African chain supermarket, smack dab in the center of town and pretty hard to miss. Most of the tourists passing through town will stop here to stock up. The forex in the same complex has closed so you'll need to cross the street and use the one in the mall (don't bother with the guys on the sidewalk). The Nando's Chicken has closed down and is now 'The Grill House' however once inside is like for like to Nando's - including menu and sauces. There is also a nice, relatively cheap Chicken Inn, which sells ice cream.
  • Game. South African chain supermarket opposite Shoprite, newly opened. Stocks little food - a shop for hardware, toys, sport equipment etc. Expensive, but is the only place to buy certain objects - tents for example.
  • Spar. International chain. Very good bakery, fruit and veg selection and cheap sandwiches, hot lunches etc. from the deli counter. Expensive food, but sells a good, quality selection. Very Western.
  • Foodworths. Another popular supermarket with a rather impressive produce spread, sandwiches and other ready-made snacks, biltong, a full bakery, and a nice assortment of meats, dairy, other basic foods, and wine. Very expat. In the same complex as a Total petrol station, on Kenyatta b/t Mzimba and Youth Drive.
  • Chipiku. Another popular supermarket selling mostly non-perishables plus a few dairy items, locals shop here to stock up in bulk. Cheapest place for imported alcohol, wine and bulk South African cigarettes. Near the corner of Chilambula and Mzimba.

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