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Hurghada is a resort town on the Red Sea Coast of Egypt.

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Points of Interest in Hurghada

Hurghada has a variety of activities for those who enjoy the sea and the beach. Activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, para sailing, andjetskis. You can also ride a glass boat (a boat with a glass bottom) where you can see the amazing coral reefs and underwater scenery.

The main reason to visit Hurghada is the Red Sea, which is excellent for diving or snorkeling. See incredible coral reefs and hundreds of varieties of tropical fish just 10 m from the beach. Again, either your hotel will have dive escorts on site, or it can arrange a scuba diving expedition with guides. Scuba diving (2 dives) cost between US$50-65. The divers are locals and are excellent in handling beginners. You don't need to know how to swim to scuba dive.

In late March, the water may be a bit cold, so a wet suit might be necessary. It might also be windy in late March (or not). You may want to check if your beach resort hotel provides windscreens on the beach.

For a desert adventure, you can also ride motorbikes or beach buggies into the desert.

Trips are organised daily into both Luxor and Cairo. The Nile at Luxor is popular, as are The Great Puramids and the Sphinx in Giza! Cairo. Around £120 for a day trip to Cairo and back including attractions and bus journey. To Luxor around £80 also including clash journey, however this trip is 4hours each way.

New Marina

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About Hurghada


The climate is very dry and rainfall is very rare. The weather is very hot in summer days and quite hot in summer nights. In winter the weather is generally warm at days and mild at nights.


Hurghada offers many activities not to be found anywhere else on Earth. Quad-biking hundreds of miles into the Sahara desert for tea with a Bedoin tribe, then camel-riding across Biblical plains to see remote and ancient wonders; diving and snorkeling around a vibrant and colourful coral reef; boat trips to the unpopulated Big and Little Gifton islands; swimming in the warm sea; good shopping; excellent and varied cuisine from across the world, etc. If you were to choose to stay in your hotel complex for the duration of your break, you would miss out on much more than you bargained for.

Those new to Egypt will find karkaday (a drink made from an infusion of hibiscus, served hot or cold and reputed to have many health benefits) and chi (local version of tea, usually served in a glass) offered everywhere. Both are delicious and will usually come replete with a smoke on a "sheesha" pipe, known in the West as a hookah. Sheeshas are used for smoking molasses tobacco in various flavours, with the smoke passing through water before inhalation through a long tube attached to the bowl. Although they may resemble a device used to smoke illicit substances in the west, (a bong), sheesha is completely legal.

Cruise across the Red Sea to the uninhabited island of Giftun surrounded by magical coral gardens. Enjoy a lazy day on the white sand or swim amongst the coral reefs. This great day trip is hard to skip when you are in Hurghada.

In the evening, you can go for a walk in the promenade area for some traditional cafes, shopping, or dining. There is a bowling and family entertainment centre close by as well as a few malls and restaurants. Night life usually begins quite late, and you can find some clubs in close proximity to the promenade.


Hurghada offers a variety of cuisine, including fast food, western restaurants, oriental food, and many others.


You can find KFC, MacDonald's, And local fast food GAD.

At "Sherry St." branches from Sheraton St. you can get chicken meal in "Brost eldik" for 14LE, popular among backpackers and young people.


Alcoholic drinks can usually be found in bars or hotels. Hurghada has a very western atmosphere so it is much easier to drink than in other areas of Egypt. Nonalcoholic drinks include conventional drinks like canned drinks, sodas, or juice, as well famous Egyptian drinks such as sahlab, karkadeh, mirinda, yansoon, gansabeel, irfa, and many others.

Over the years, Hurghada has developed a bubbling reputation for its cosmopolitan nightlife scene, alongside the many bars within the new Hurghada Marina [1], Papas Bar [2] has two venues (one inside the marina, the other next-door to the Shedwan Hotel in downtown Dahr). The world-renown Hed Kandi Beach Bar [3]; still the world's first and only Kandi beach bar.

There are many bars, nightclubs and discos in Hurghada. Almost every hotel comes equip with its own disco, and then you can find the only beachside Ministry of Sound venue, coupled with the world's first Hed Kandi Beach Bar, other nightlife leaders in the city include Hard Rock Cafe, Little Budha, Calypso Disco, the new R&B Club, and throughout the summer months you can find the popular Voodoo parties (every Wednesday) within the Grand Hotel Resorts.

Global leaders in dance music, Ministry of Sound Beach Club, [4] operate a varied daily schedule ranging from disco grooves, through to R&B/hiphop and house/techno. There are also many other discos and late-night bars dotted around the city, generally speaking ask your guest relations or tour guide to recommend you a venue suited best to you.

There's famous Czech pub "PRAHA" at the end of Sheraton St.


You can buy many souvenirs from the shops that are spread inside the main town (Sekalla high street) and along the beach areas, also the old down town (el Dahar) has a wide selection of bazaars with cheaper prices than Sekalla.

First, remember to haggle, haggle and haggle everywhere except in restaurants and drugstores. You should be able to get 75% off from the price that seller asks at first. This might vary with different products, so remember to check few shops for correct prices. There are souvenir shops that have fixed prices, mostly in New Hurghada area don't be happy with the fixed price because some times it's expensive than the other shops, there's famous stores "Cleopatra" you can find souvenirs, shirts, wood work, silver can find it in most famous area in Hurghada city Mamsha and Sheraton road.

For brand-names and higher quality products, head down to 'New Marina' and Sheraton road where you can find Adidas, Timberland, Dockers and Levi's as well as a traditional bazaar (Souq in Arabic) often the clothes are fake "not original" and something strange you can notice that any shop can post famous trademark on his banner and they sell fake clothes.

About the perfume shops the milligram for 1LE that mean the best perfume for 25LE because all the perfume are on oil base and rarely that you can find natural or original perfume be careful when they drag you inside, they will invite you to drink something often tea and if they feel you are rich they will brought Cola, while they are chatting with you and let you smell some strong perfumes, kindly refuse because if you drink you have to buy from them.

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